Generate Social Meta Tags Easily with This App

The largest social media sites have many taken over a world, with Facebook now pulling towards 2 billion users worldwide.

One of their many advancements in record is a Open Graph or OG protocol. These OG tags have become a norm on other amicable networks such as Pinterest and LinkedIn, so carrying them on your site can be tremendously beneficial.

And now, with a Mega Tags web app, a whole routine can be automated, though essay a singular line of code.

Mega Tags web appMega Tags web app

By default, there are two opposite “types” of amicable meta tags: Open Graph covers many networks though Twitter has their possess called Twitter Cards.

These additional tags share information with amicable networks, so we can customize how your links seem when common on these sites.

Networks, such as Facebook, have their possess algorithms for pulling a page’s title, description, and thumbnail. This is useful when people share links on FB and other amicable networks.

With these meta tags in your header, we can tell Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and others exactly how to arrangement your content.

Some websites competence even have a Facebook page that can be included in a Open Graph content. This offers even some-more control where Facebook can collect select that information they wish to present.

This free web app can do it all for we by default. Just enter your page URL, a title/description, and embody a thumbnail picture if needed. You competence also puncture into a optional settings if we want.

Meta OG formula generatorMeta OG formula generator

From there, we can copy/paste a meta tags into your header and voila! A entirely concordant Open Graph page prepared for sharing.

The site even has validators with that we can check to make certain your page is being certified properly on all your selected networks.

And, we have entrance to a full reference page with a list of all OG properties and approaching values. Some of these properties might change over time or new facilities might be combined to a Open Graph protocol.

But, so many sites already use these features, so you’d be crazy not to! To get started, only visit a web app, supplement your site info, and copy/paste a formula into your page header. You’ll notice an evident difference whenever people share your links on amicable sites around a web.

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