Gather Free User Feedback with Cute Emojis

We all know that user feedback is profitable to a pattern process. You can learn what works, what doesn’t, and eventually what people consider of your website.

But, in a smartphone-charged world, there’s an problematic feedback process that now creates sense: emojis.

If we implement Feedback Emoji on your site we can accumulate user feedback straight from emoji icons. You offer particular questions and a user taps whichever emoji best fits their opinions.

Feedback Emoji homepageFeedback Emoji homepage

The site works like a web app where all feedback is stored and curated for you. It’s a completely giveaway service that will sojourn giveaway forever, so we can run this with no worries of ever profitable a dime.

Installation is also flattering simple. Just supplement one line of code to your website and get it using fast.

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Since all feedback is stored in a cloud, we can entrance your analytics from any computer. This also means we can share information directly with anyone on your team, or with other site owners if you’re using tests for a client.

This implausible apparatus was done by Neon Roots, a mobile app association with offices in NYC and LA. They run Emoji Feedback as their own contrast resource and as a giveaway apparatus for other developers.

All emoji graphics run on Emojione and they’re hosted outwardly from a CDN. Data passes boldly whenever a user clicks an emoji so there’s no additional page load.

Sample feedback emojisSample feedback emojis

Plus, a whole emoji voting complement supports all devices, so we can get Feedback Emoji using on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

It’s a ideal minimalist resolution for entertainment user feedback but any formidable setup. You’re most reduction expected to have a user write 500 difference critiquing your site. But, only clicking an emoji? Simple!

That’s a beauty of this tool: simple setup and simple feedback.

If we wanna learn some-more check out a homepage and pointer adult for a giveaway account. You can also share your thoughts with a Neo Roots group by promulgation a discerning twitter @NeonRoots.

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