Fresh Resources for Web Developers — Jan 2017

This array has come a prolonged approach by that we have witnessed web growth collection come and go; one time they shine, a few months after they are done archaic with other latest tools. Nonetheless, we have some uninformed collection on a list for a developers to try this month that embody JavaScript libraries, a Sketch plugin for manageable UI design, and a integrate of CSS frameworks.

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Find a whole collection of endorsed resources and a best web pattern and growth collection available.


A JavaScript library that allows we to benefaction typing effects of a list of text; a kind of outcome that we competence have seen on a web lately. This JavaScript library is easy to exercise with a handful of options to customize a effect. You can implement this library thru NPM or bucket it around a CDN during

Opera Neon

Opera used to be a initial to deliver tab-based browser, and given afterwards we have browsers with supposed Tabs and Speed Dial. Opera has recently expelled a new initiative, named Opera Neon. A new browser with fresher interface such as supposed omnibox, split-screen mode, and pleasing wallpaper selections. So, can Opera Neon change a browser space once again? This we’ll have to see.


At.js is JavaScript library that allows we to add smileys, discuss friends, or tagging; something like we have seen on Slack, Twitter, and Facebook. This plugin requires jQuery, that allows it to work on Internet Explorer 7 and maybe Internet Explore 6 too. Fantastic!


Release creates creating a new chronicle recover of a program in Github some-more efficient. A new recover is customarily accompanied with a changelog, and this procedure allows we to stock a changelog automatically subsequent from a Git dedicate messages.


A JavaScript beautifier ensuring a JavaScript formula is formatted in a unchanging way. It supports ES2017 and JSX.


Ayu is Sublime Text thesis with a uninformed and complicated appeal. It comes with 2 tones dim and light. Ayu means pleasing in Indonesia, and so to speak; it makes Sublime Text UI some-more beautiful.

JSON Splora

A lightweight focus for editing, and visualizing JSON data. The app concordant with Windows, Linux, and MacOS.


A JavaScript to wizz picture gracefully. Optimized for mobile, works simply in a hi-def screen, and is simply customizable.


Ramme is an Instagram desktop client. Though it is unofficial, though maybe we can learn a integrate of new things from a source code.

Change Username

A WordPress plugin that once activated, adds a “change” link beside a username submit and allows we to change a username.


NodeifyWP is a utterly singular WordPress plugin. It allows we to use WordPress as common afterwards output a calm regulating a Node.js module. we haven’t nonetheless attempted this plugin on any project. But a display we saw in WordCamp Denpasar 2016, this plugin looks really earnest to update WordPress development.


ColorMe is utterly distinct other tone generator apps that I’ve seen before. Aside from generating tone codes, a app also gives control over adjusting a tone brightness, shade, hue, saturation, contrast, etc.

WP-CLI Packages

A collection of extensions of WP-CLI that adds additional authority lines and parameters to perform additional tasks such as one for deploying WordPress to remote server, migrating a WordPress site, flushing caches, and a lot more.

Tailor Page Builder

A WordPress plugin that enables we to create non-linear calm with a drag-n-drop interface. The plugin is extensible for a new member to supplement singular calm type. It provides WP-API to conduct these calm as well. Tailor Page Builder is by distant a best plugin on this category.


XVG is a Chrome prolongation that displays SVG striking outlines and anchors that can assistance we to debug a SVG objects easily.


RibbonJS is a JavaScript library that enables we to generate musical ribbons on your website, as we can see a following screenshot. It is only 1kb in size, and easy to customize.

Auto Layout

Auto-Layout is a Sketch plugin that provides a series of preset shade sizes to exam your UI design. So we can assure a pattern looks equally good either it is noticed on iPhone 5, iPhone 6, etc. The plugin also allows we to define tradition sizes in box it is not accessible in a preset. See how a plugin in movement in this video.


Funcssion is a collection of CSS classes that follows Pure Function principle. Each CSS category defines a singular purpose of styling. This CSS Framework is now a work in swell with some-more facilities to deliver in a destiny such as responsive Grid, Buttons, etc.


A lightweight and easy to use horizon to build display slides regulating only HTML and CSS. Webslides now provides a integrate of good slide templates where we can start your slip display immediately.

Resilient Web Design

Resilient Web Design is an online book. This book is zero technical, instead, it covers histories, principles, and inventions that figure a Web as we know in today’s world. we consider it is a good review for a weekend.

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