Fresh Resources for Web Developers — Feb 2017

The Fresh Resouces for Web Developers array has run for around 4 years now, and progressing this array has severely given me discernment on how a web swell over a years. There are new collection entrance out each month to make web growth easier.

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Find a whole collection of endorsed resources and a best web pattern and growth collection available.

In this installment, we have collected a series of new tools, that embody JavaScript libraries, a integrate of CSS libraries, and reference to urge your skill. Let’s check them out.


JavaScript is taking over desktop aplication for a portability over opposite height as good as operative usually as good as a local app. This app, Caption, for instance is built on tip of Electron. It is a elementary app that allows we to hunt Subtitle files (.srt) to insert to a video we are watching.

Awesome OSX Command Line

An enormous list of useful and accessible authority lines for macOS. Here we competence find a lot of things that competence be finished by a CLI such as “clearing a imitation queue”, “hiding folder in Finder”, and “preventing complement sleep”.


Trevor is simply Travis CI finished offline. Travis is a Continuous Integration use where developers exam their software to see either a program works scrupulously mixed environments. Trevor is still in a early stage; it now usually supports “NodeJS”.


A good JavaScript library to bucket a picture progressively, hence a name. Small picture will be served and confused while a browser is loading a full image. This helps your website bucket most faster generally if it contains vast images.


This is a JavaScript that makes QR formula reduction boring. With this, we can conceal a QR formula over an picture — such as your photo.

WP Docker

WP Docker is a Docker sourroundings designed privately to rise WordPress. The sourroundings is self-contained, and won’t impact your mechanism complement in box you’ve done configuration. It is a great choice to Vagrant, Valet, Local, and MAMP.


Rellax is a JavaScript library to create Parallax outcome on page scroll. It comes with few options and comparatively easy to configure. It is lightweight, run super fast, and requires no dependency like jQuery hence it is a good choice to other libraries on this difficulty such as Parallax.js or Scrollax.js.


Yet another cold JavaScript library. Articulate brings synthetical voice to your website. It is able to parse and review your website, eventually can urge your website accesibility for users with marred visibility.


MonetizeJS is a JavaScript library to implement Stripe easily; as easy as regulating jQuery.


Vonic is a collection of UI for mobile built regulating Vue.js and Ionic CSS. It comprises a lot of UI components ordinarily found in a mobile including a Checkbox, Search Form, Swiper, and supposed Accordion. You can use to build a mobile app aplication prototype right in a browser.

WordPress Component Library

10up, one of a distinguished names in WordPress, expelled a UI library designed specifically for WordPress. Unlike other UI library that usually provides CSS and HTML codes, 10Up also provides a PHP formula dash that we can usually pulp in your theme. The member includes Navigation, Tabs, Tooltips, Commonts, and Blogrol.

JavaScript Start-up Performance

A glorious and detailed articles from Addy Osmani, one of a Google engineers, on how to write JavaScript that run super fast. we inspire we to review it by to level adult your JavaScript skill.


Kute is a JavaScript library to perform animation. It is blazing quick and super fit in memory consumption. It has extensions and additional collection to concede request animation in CSS, SVG, and even a jQuery plugin for some-more available syntax.

PWA Rocks

Progressive Web Application (PWA) is a methodology that allows a website to run quick and useable offline. This PWA Rocks list one that as been authorized by Google as a PWA. To learn some-more about PWA from Google take a demeanour at: Progressive Web Apps.

Github Auto-updater

Github Auto-Updater is Composer library that allows your plugin to be updated from Github. This is a accessible book for developers to say plugins for their clients but necessarily uploading it to Github repository.


Card is a JavaScript library that creates Credit Card submit some-more engaging and improves your user knowledge while inputting their credit label numbers. It works good with jQuery, React, Angular, and Ember.


Graaf yield an conceal over your page to see how a grid — column, row, gutter — is laid out. You can also generate your possess grid specification regulating a API provided.


Luxbar is a CSS horizon to emanate a manageable navigation easily; simply supplement a stylesheet and supplement a HTML properly. You can implement this library by NPM, Bower, or couple a stylesheet directly from a CDN.

Contrast Grid

A list of table shows tinge contrariety and their accesibility class formed on a WCAG 2.0. You can change a value on a table, and fast figure out either a tinge multiple approve with a WCAG standard.


ToneJS is a JavaScript library to create a tinge or sound that competence like entrance from a low-pitched instrument. we theory this library will come in accessible for building a web-based low-pitched instrument emulator or a diversion sound effects.

JavaScript Libraries for Cool Scrolling Effects

JavaScript Libraries for Cool Scrolling Effects

A website pattern comes to life with well-executed animation. If you’re looking for a correct libraries to add…Read more

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