Fresh Resources for Web Developers – Aug 2017

Having been progressing this array for a few years now has authorised me to witness a swell in web development. There are a series of collection that were so renouned usually a few years ago though not so many in a new times especially given they unsuccessful to benefit suggestive adoption. While there are web growth resources that retain their recognition even today.

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So here we have put together a series of useful resources that are value a try. We have a JavaScript library to emanate Bot chat, an open source e-commerce platform, and a couple of CSS libraries. Let’s pierce on to see them in details.


Created by a same developers behind CodeKit, Muzzle is a macOS app to equivocate we from embarrassment. It will spin off all presentation when shade sharing. Muzzle works by automatically environment macOS “Do Not Disturb” mode when shade pity or apps such as Skype, Google Hangouts, and Slack is started.



A collection of CSS classes that concede we to fast emanate a webpage prototype. Fracture is formed on Atomic pattern where styles are separate into little pieces – withdrawal tiny footprint. Instead of bringing full-fledge styled components, it introduces classes like radius-1 to to character an component with tiny dilemma radius.



This shows we a list of a swell CSS facilities and their stream stage to be implemented as a new standard. Now we know nesting CSS selector is now on a approach to be a standard.



Apache has recently announced to nullify ReactJS and identical projects that are distributed underneath Facebook BSD+Patents permit to be enclosed in Apache’s product. If your product has been influenced by this license, cruise Preact that’s a drop-in deputy for ReactJS and is protected underneath a some-more approving MIT license.



Pell is a JavaScript library to build WYISWYG editor. By default, it comes with a common buttons like a Italic, Bold, Underline, and a Headings with some-more will be combined in a future. Built with ES6, Pell requires no dependencies library like jQuery, is tiny in size, nonetheless it is confirmed to be concordant with IE9.



Markdown is singular to sold syntaxes. It adds a ability to embody draft in your Markdown content. If we are not certain what Markdown is, check out a post on Writing Web Content with Markdown.


Moment PHP

Moment is a PHP library to manipulate dates identical to Moment.js for JavaScript. Using a library, it is easy to get, for example, a stream time in in a other timezone and formatting date formed on your locale.

Moment PHPMoment PHP


A WordPress starter thesis built for complicated PHP. It utilizes Namespacing, tradition templating, autoloader, Webpack, and a garland of other integrity of complicated web development.


Awesome Guidelines

This is a list of coding standards of several programming languages including C, Javascript (of course), PHP, Ruby and even Visual Basic. It can be a great apparatus to keep your formula purify and tidy.

Awesome GuidelinesAwesome Guidelines


This is the epoch of Bot. This JavaScript library allows we to emanate a conversational UI. we do consider carrying Bot could be a softened deputy of normal ‘Form’ and serves a some-more healthy believe to your users.


Reaction Commerce

Open source CMS for commerce hasn’t altered many for years with many of them built on tip of PHP. ReactionCommerce aims to change that with a latest web record stacks. It is built regulating JavaScript and is an event-driven CMS providing real-time experience. It comes with a facilities like sequence processing, payments, shipping, analytics, etc to concede get adult and run an e-commerce site quickly.

Reaction CommerceReaction Commerce


A modern CSS resetter with minimal footprint. TinyReset is a good choice to a mythological reset.css by Eric Meyer.



Martinet is Command Line Tool to build immobile website with complicated collection like Webpack, TypeScript, Pug for templating, LESS, and NPM. It is designed so that we don’t have to worry on a site configuration. Simply follow a convention and run martinet, your website will be adult and running.



BillboardJS is JavaScript to build interactive information visualization formed on D3.js. There is an array of cognisance forms we can build with this library including line, bar, pie, doughnut, and see a demo page for some-more details.



SVGI is a Command Line Tool that allows we to lookup SVG elements or SVG files. Once installed, we will get entrance to a svgi authority line where we collect list of Nodes on a SVG, a size, and a elements hierarchy.



Another engaging open-source height on a list after ReactionCommerce, TimeStrap a time tracking an invoicing complement that we can horde anywhere only like WordPress. A good choice for those who cite to conduct invoicing on their possess complement rather than regulating outmost services.



A tool to emanate immobile singular page for APIs documentation. Slate is used in many renouned projects such as WooCommerce, Travis-, CoinBase, and even NASA.



A apparatus to beget good rise pairing. Press a “Generate” symbol to collect new rise combinations infinitely. What’s engaging is that this apparatus generates a outcome with Machine or Deep Learning. I’m not certain how that accurately works though if you’re extraordinary check out this page.



Gradient creates a quip to a web. But this time, with CoolHue. The apparatus has a great collection of pleasing gradients given web colors have softened so many as compared to a final 10 years. It is now common to see websites featuring gradients on each dilemma of their page.



FrontPress is a front-end horizon that implement WP-API and AngularJS. It is a good starting indicate if we wish to emanate a headless CMS with WordPress, something I’m really many looking brazen to.


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E-Commerce Design Resources: The Ultimate Round-Up

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