Fresh Resource for Web Developers — Feb 2018

Having been covering this array for years, we have witnessed collection come and go. A couple of new collection are expelled roughly each week. However, in a final few weeks we consider it’s removing slowed down a bit, it took me a small longer than common to dig down to Github and other sources to find new tools that are free, open-source, and value mentioning on this series.

In today’s post we have a brew of collection from a JavaScript framework, Testing tools, and a few for building WordPress sites. Let’s check them out.


An application that shortens URLs with your possess domain name. It’s built on tip difficult stacks like Node.js, React, and Redux with a handful of features that are built-in including password-protect URL, RESTful API, and imagination minute stats to guard your URLs. The best thing is It’s giveaway and we can horde it on your possess server.



WordHat is a tool to confederate Behat to WordPress. Behat is an open-source Behaviour-driven Development (BDD) horizon for PHP where we can exam your PHP focus in a some-more fluent ways.

You’ll find this apparatus intensely useful as your WordPress thesis and plugin gets some-more difficult with features; WordHat and Behat will safeguard that your thesis or plugin behaves as expected when a user interacts with it.


WP Browser

Similar to WordHat, WP-Browser is an extention of Codeception specifically designed for WordPress applications, themes, and plugins. Codeception is a apparatus to perform testing on your application, identical to PHPUnit and Behat, though it’s bundled with more. In that, we can do Browser Testing, BDD, Unit Integration Testing, and API testing.

WP BrowserWP Browser

Node WP Internationalization

The name speaks for itself. It is a NodeJS procedure to automate lots of things to internationalize your themes or plugins. Install a procedure and form wpi18n makepot to beget a POT file out of a translateable calm in your WordPress plugins or themes.

Node WP InternationalizationNode WP Internationalization


Another NodeJS procedure that’s trending on Github recently. “Thanks” will generate a list of maintainers of packages used on your open-source project and couple it to their concession or OpenCollective page as pointer of thankfulness of their grant to a community.


Create Guten Block

Gutenberg is hear and will be shipped with WordPress 5.0. This is an NPM procedure to beget a Gutenberg retard growth boilerplate with difficult smoke-stack such as React, Webpack, Babel, and Sass. Simply run a authority line ,create-guten-block, and you’re all set.

Create Guten BlockCreate Guten Block

WP Vue

WP Vue is a template built with Vue to arrangement WordPress posts. This template is a good starting indicate if you’d like to make your WordPress site headless. See how it works in a demo page. Change a URL of a endpoint of WP-API URL from any WordPress site; it will automatically repopulate a posts with a ones from a new endpoint URL.

WP VueWP Vue


A new JavaScript horizon from Basecamp. Unlike React or Vue, it does not force we to write your whole focus with JavaScript or supplement fake attributes.

StimulusJS works in a plain HTML that we already knew with a data- attributes. It also does not need a formidable build configuration. You can simply supplement a book on a webpage only like we did with jQuery and that’s it — start essay a book make your focus alive.



A free focus to emanate and conduct invoices. You can supplement a note, set a currency, request discount, supplement a list of clients or customers, add your logo, pattern a check template, and download it in a PDF format. It’s accessible for macOS, Windows, and Linux. If you’re a freelancer, this competence be a invoicing that you’ve been looking for to run your freelancing business.


React Static

As a name implies, this is a apparatus that allows we to generate a immobile site regulating React. It comes bundled with all a collection pre-configured, so we can get started on producing calm for a web. And being a immobile site, we can host a site even in a common hosting with low resources.

React StaticReact Static


Piklist is a growth WordPress that allows we build a formidable website setup with WordPress with reduction code. It comes with a set of supporter functions and Hooks to extend scarcely each collection in WordPress such as a Setting page, custom fields, admin notices, shortcode, widgets, taxonomies, users, and a lot more.



A content agnositic CMS horizon to build a calm API. It allows we to pattern your possess calm structure and a API as good as provides a pleasing Admin row to conduct them. However, it does not yield templating complement built-in. It offers we to select any front-end library of your preference such as React or Vue.



ParcelJS is a bundler many like Webpack and Browserify, solely it’s blazing faster and requires 0 configuration. It supports common growth bundler for HTML, JS, CSS and transformers such as PostCSS and Babel out-of-the-xbox. So, we can only focusing on your formula instead of wasting time on a configuration.



A JavaScript library to show Social Media symbol with a share count for a few amicable media. It supports many amicable media including ones that you’ve never listened of like Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, SurfingBird, also a few messenging height like Skype, WhatsApp, and LINE. GoodShare is also accessible as a Vue component.



A website that allows we to find and duplicate special characters to your clipboard. Letters, Punctuations, Math, Arrows, and Emoji are some of a characters enclosed on a site. Simply click or daub on a impression to duplicate a impression to your clipboard.



Nerv is another reactive VirtualDOM library; an choice to ReactJS. It brings a informed syntax JSX of React though with few critical differences. Nerv supports Internet Explorer 8! and it’s only one third of React size. Still, Nerv is concordant with React add-ons eventhe many formidable ones.



Another JavaScript library that’s value looking into to build web application. It combines state government with a Virtual DOM engine that supports keyed updates and lifecycle events all with no dependencies.



Vulcan is a stack of collection to build a difficult web application. It’s bundled with React, GraphQL and Meteor pre-confifured. Since it’s a full-stack horizon providing a whole operation of supporter components that are fine-tuned to a back-end and a front-end, all is only work out-of-the-box. Thus we can get your app adult and regulating quickly.



A desktop focus for Windows, macOS and Linux to inspect accessibility issues on website. Koa11y will yield notices and warnings either your website violates Accessibility standards.

This should be a apparatus in each web developers toolbox. Try navigating websites with only regulating your keyboard for a day to know how Accessibility is important.



A realy nice-looking GUI focus to conduct database. TablePlus supports a far-reaching accumulation of database engine including (of course) MySQL, SQLite, Redis, Postgres, MS SQL, and a lot more. TablePlus is accessible for macOS and Windows.


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