Free Zip Code API Every Developer Should Know

The US is full of zip codes regulated by a USPS. These can poise a treacherous disaster to classify manually.

The giveaway Zip Code API is approach easier and it creates pulling zip codes a breeze. At a impulse it only works for a United States though it could simply enhance worldwide given adequate traction.

zip formula api homepagezip formula api homepage

One reason we competence use this API is to lift related zip codes from a surrounding area. This could be used for a job hunt website or a housing/real estate web app.

The opportunities are roughly unconstrained deliberation this API goes most serve than singular digits. Here are usually a few common uses:

  • Convert zip formula to city/town
  • Convert city/town to zip code
  • Pull zip codes from a circuitously radius
  • Find a stretch between dual zip codes
  • Organize a list of zips systematic closest to any other

Because this is such a large API it does have information caps. You could always get a paid plan though I’m a large fan of free content.

With a giveaway plan, we get 1,200 API requests per day that should be some-more than adequate for elementary applications. If you’re anticipating to make income with your site afterwards we can always ascent later.

However, we can pointer adult for a giveaway API devise and never compensate a dime. Every comment gets a possess API key/secret combo to insert into one application. From there, we can pass API endpoints formed on zip formula data, distances, or associated zips formed on radius.

The documentation page has some-more info if you’re looking for a place to start. One cold underline is a real-time map that shows how many API requests are being pulled during any given second.

zip codes apizip codes api

Since this is still a newer tool, it doesn’t have that most activity. But we usually need to watch for a few seconds to locate live API calls in action.

This is really one of a coolest APIs I’ve ever seen, including a W3C API. If you’re ever formulating a website that needs to pull energetic zip formula data this API is giveaway for 1,200 requests daily.

You can tinker with ideas on a examples page and get started by checking out a API settings.

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