Free PDF Apps For Smartphones & Tablets – Best Of

PDF is an simply permitted record and one of a many common forms of documentation. You can review anything from text-heavy manuals to papers with massive images by PDF. And to use PDF files on a go by your smartphone or tablet, all we need is a good PDF app.

So for today’s post, we move to we a best giveaway PDF apps for mobile devices. These PDF apps do some-more than only open files, and yield a accumulation of navigation, annotation, and cloud storage functions with a full spectrum of request features.

Top 10

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat ReaderAdobe Acrobat Reader

Platform(s): Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a multi-functional app, with that we can view, annotate, and imitation PDFs. This mobile app allows we take cinema by a camera on your phone and save them directly to a PDF. What we favourite some-more is, it can bond to Dropbox and Adobe Document Cloud, vouchsafing we entrance your papers wherever we go.

Moreover, we can view encrypted and password-protected PDF files as well. Some of a additional facilities embody editing, signing, and converting PDFs to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or RTF files. However, conversion underline is permitted for paid subscribers only.

Librera Reader

Librera ReaderLibrera Reader

Platform(s): Android

Librera is a bone-fide e-book reader that supports countless digital book formats along with password-protected ones. Some of a upheld files are EPUB, DjVu, RTF, HTML, and XPS. What preoccupied me is a integrated voice reading capability, that can review aloud stories for we like bedtime stories.

Moreover, a facilities like automated scrolling and day and night modes make a reading a zephyr on mobile devices. Like other apps, we can also conduct bookmarks and annotations to make records and emanate favorites for easy book keeping.

3. Google Play Books

Google Play BooksGoogle Play Books

Platform(s): Android and iOS

Google Play Books is a Google’s chronicle of Amazon Kindle – a use for subscribing to and reading books. It lets we review and entrance your PDF and EPUB files. You can also change a font, personalize a display, and capacitate night-reading mode to knowledge a conspicuous reading time on mobile.

Though a PDF facilities are singular distinct some other apps on this list nonetheless it is a great app for reading books online as good as observation PDFs stored on your device. Along with a glorious features, it also supports VoiceOver underline in a iOS app.

4. WPS


Platform(s): Android, iOS, Linux

WPS Office is an all-in-one bureau app apartment including a PDF Reader, Editor, and Converter. Just like Adobe Acrobat Reader, we can take cinema from your mobile camera and save them to a PDF. Moreover, this app also allows creating PDFs regulating Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and calm files, supplement bookmarks, and perspective annotations.

You can also add electronic signatures as good as merge, split, or remove PDFs. Its also allows we to sync your files regulating Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box, permitting we to perspective them on any device.

5. OfficeSuite


Platform(s): Android, iOS

Office Suite is an office container like WPS that includes a PDF reader as well. Its reader lets we perspective PDFs and modify them to Word, Excel, or ePub files. It can scan earthy papers and save scanned photos to PDFs. However, it avails many some-more facilities in a pro version, such as modernized confidence options, data sync opposite mixed devices, etc.

You can share a files by cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, and SugarSync. Moreover, it comes with some-more facilities like annotation viewer, accede management, and pity regulating Bluetooth and more.

6. PDF Viewer

PDF ReaderPDF Reader

Platform(s): Android and iOS

PDF Viewer lets we review and conduct PDF files. You can quick search for your files, revise them, and entrance them right from this app. It also allows we to supplement bookmarks to a PDF files as good as rotate, split, or resize pages.

Along with a easy-to-use interface, it brings candid facilities for regulating PDFs. Its multi-window support and mobile optimizations yield higher knowledge on mobiles and tablets. In a iOS app, we can also work with and sync iCloud documents.

7. Polaris Office

Polaris OfficePolaris Office

Platform(s): Android, iOS, macOS, Windows Phone

Polaris Office lets we work with mixed request forms like WPS and Office Suite. Its PDF reader has facilities like adding annotations to files and converting files to PDFs. Also, it facilities a strong hunt choice for anticipating PDFs regulating filename or some calm within a files.

You can sync your files regulating upheld cloud services including Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Its bureau skeleton embody a whole spectrum of facilities and move support for Polaris Drive – a cloud resolution for hosting and pity files.

8. Google PDF Viewer

Google PDF ViewerGoogle PDF Viewer

Platform(s): Android

Google PDF Viewer is another elementary app for observation PDFs. Though a PDF facilities are directly permitted by Google Drive app though we can also have this standalone app if we do not need or have a Drive app.

This app lets we search, view, print, and duplicate calm from your PDF files on a go. However, we cannot launch or entrance PDF Viewer from a launcher, though it opens adult automatically whenever we try to open a PDF record on your mobile device.

9. Xodo


Platform(s): Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

Xodo comprises of a PDF reader as good as a PDF editor optimised to work on mobiles, vouchsafing we read, share, and explain in real-time as good as fill forms and pointer documents. Thanks to a assessment features, it allows we to jot down points, underline, and prominence calm on PDFs. It can also open password-encrypted PDFs.

What we found engaging is a ‘Xodo Connect’ feature, that allows we and your teammates to explain a duplicate of a request in real-time though requiring sign-ups – regulating only their email addresses. Also, like other apps above, Xodo supports auto-syncing with cloud apps like DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more.

10. Foxit MobilePDF

Foxit MobilePDFFoxit MobilePDF

Platform(s): Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

Foxit MobilePDF boasts of ConnectedPDF – a cloud record for PDFs. Thanks to it, this app facilities shining partnership facilities like we can share files among colleagues, do connected reviews, get notifications for request updates, lane request activity, etc. Moreover, it offers bookmark and hunt options for a improved experience.

Interestingly, it allows formation with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive. You can also share files around Bluetooth, Evernote, etc. Furthermore, we can interconvert PDFs with Microsoft Office files, calm as good as picture files – right on your mobile.



Bonus: More PDF Apps

PDF Viewer Book Reader
PDF Viewer  Book Reader PDF Viewer  Book Reader

Platform(s): Android

PDF Viewer Book Reader helps we download, manage, and review PDF and eBook files on your mobile device. There’s an in-app record browser to stand and entrance a documents. Also, we can revise files and supplement bookmarks to continue from where we left off. You can also search for files by this tiny app.

Its day and night reading modes and page perspective options assistance we review absolutely any time. Furthermore, we can entrance as good as sync papers by cloud services like DropBox, Amazon Drive, and Google Drive, and share a files by apps like Skype and Slack.

Tucan Reader
Tucan ReaderTucan Reader

Platform(s): Windows Phone

Tucan Reader is an e-book and PDF reader for Windows Phone devices. It is an easy-to-use app with several facilities for a higher reading knowledge like auto-scrolling, liughtness control, day and night modes, and other page control options.

You can also add bookmarks, pin book covers, arrange and organisation books, and do a lot some-more like forestall close screen, hunt books, etc. What held my eyes is a underline to select a calm and share it to amicable networks or translate it regulating a Bing Translator. The app also supports downloading books from cloud services like OneDrive, Dropbox, and others.

PDF Reader
PDF ReaderPDF Reader

Platform(s): Android, iOS, macOS and Windows Phone

PDF Reader helps we to open and conduct PDF files on your mobile phone. Its facilities embody adding and exporting bookmarks, and formulating PDFs regulating images, etc. There is also a built-in record hunt choice to get files per your query.

As with above apps, PDF Reader facilities assessment collection as good including highlighting, note-taking, and essay tools. Interestingly, we can conduct and pointer papers regulating this app and open dense repository to review a archived PDFs.

PDF Reader PDF Viewer Ebook
PDF Reader  PDF Viewer Ebook PDF Reader  PDF Viewer Ebook

Platform(s): Android

PDF Reader PDF Viewer e-book is a PDF reader with an easy-to-use interface. It works quick and well-spoken while opening PDFs and supports many some-more e-book formats including XPS, DjVu, and Comic books. Moreover, like other PDF apps, we can emanate bookmarks, supplement highlights, and hunt for files regulating this elementary app.


Platform(s): Android and iOS

Scanbot is a document scanning app that also functions good as a PDF app. Its primary duty is to indicate papers and assistance we crop, straighten, or request filters to ideal a scans and after save them as a PDF document.

Some of a other facilities embody a viewer and an editor that lets we perspective PDFs, prominence text, supplement records to PDF files, and request digital signature as well. You can also save your papers directly as images. Last though not a least, it also allows we to upload and share papers by cloud services and apps like DropBox, Slack, etc.

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