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If you’re looking to remove content from an image, afterwards OCR apparatus is a thing to use. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) collection can scan and remove content out of images and allows we to make any compulsory changes.

Top Web Annotation and Markup Tools

Top Web Annotation and Markup Tools

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In this post, we will list a best giveaway OCR collection accessible for opposite platforms. For contrast purpose, we altered a formatting of few content paragraphs into a rather difficult handwritten rise and took a screenshot. we also attempted normal text, though these collection combined ideal results.

OCR’s Limitation

Before going into a OCR tools, it is critical to know what OCR can do for we and what are a limitations.

If a content within a picture is blur or it’s not in focus, afterwards a OCR indicate will not work scrupulously and a results will not be pleasing during all. This is also loyal for images with bad lightning and any other kind of distortion. In such a case, a extracted content will mostly include of pointless characters.

I should also discuss that both appurtenance generated and handwritten content can be extracted regulating OCR technology. Although a correctness of handwritten content might not be as high as of a machine-generated text.

Also, there are mixed types of OCR methods used by these collection and so a accuracy of extracted content also depends on a process used.

OCR Windows Tools


FreeOCR is unequivocally a easiest giveaway OCR apparatus to use that also offers appreciative results. It can open PDFs, conduct a image, name plcae in a image that we wish to indicate and even directly indicate papers regulating a scanner. Interestingly, it can indicate multi-page papers during a same time, and we can also indicate content in mixed languages.

Download FreeOCR

free ocrfree ocr

OCR to Word

As a name suggests, OCR to Word lets we remove content from images and afterwards export content into a word file. Although it didn’t do a good pursuit of extracting content from a exam picture we am using, though when we used it on a bit easy to review a text it did an even improved pursuit than a above mentioned FreeOCR tool.

Download OCR to Word

ocr to wordocr to word

Microsoft OneNote

If we have Microsoft Office suite, afterwards we will already have Microsoft OneNote installed. Otherwise, we can also download it alone for free. OneNote also lets we indicate images in your records to remove text. Just right-click on a picture and select “Copy Text From Picture”. The content will be copied to a clipboard and we can pulp it anywhere we like.

Download Microsoft OneNote

microsoft one notemicrosoft one note

Online OCR tools

Free Online OCR

Free Online OCR apparatus lets you remove content in adult to 46 languages and we can get a formula as a word record or plain text. The formula weren’t too bad as good and could be edited to perfection. You will have to pointer adult if we wish to entrance all a languages and OCR bulk images.

free online ocrfree online ocr

Free OCR

Free OCR is also a good apparatus if a picture we have is next a 6MB max record distance limit. It supports adult to 29 languages and a OCR indicate formula were utterly good as well.

free ocrfree ocr

Google Drive OCR scan

Google Drive also has a built-in OCR complement to remove content from images. If a content picture is on Google Drive, right-click on it and name Google Docs from a Open With menu.

google expostulate ocrgoogle expostulate ocr

The picture will open in Google Docs as a new document and a extracted content will be next it. In my experience, Google Drive OCR indicate did make many spelling mistakes, though there were reduction pointless characters, distinct other OCR tools. You can read some-more about it from a post here.

open with google docsopen with google docs

OCR Chrome extensions

If a picture we wish to remove a content from is found online, we can use some accessible OCR extensions on Google Chrome for that.


Copyfish will let we select any area inside your browser to scan and use it’s OCR technology. Interestingly, Copyfish skips on all a difference that it doesn’t know totally and usually shows a one that it ideally extracts or during slightest gets unequivocally close. It will uncover a scanned word in orange color.

copy fishcopy fish

Project Naptha

A unequivocally cold prolongation that automatically creates all a images on a websites editable and we can name them to duplicate their text. we didn’t find a prolongation to work good on smaller content in images, though it worked ideally on vast distance text with few formatting issues.

OCR Linux Tools

Tesseract OCR

This is an open source OCR technology that is being used by many OCR tools, including FreeOCR that we mentioned during a start. Currently, it is being managed by Google and offers arguable content extraction.

Download Tesseract OCR


Cuneiform is also a arguable open-source OCR apparatus that works for Linux users. And it is famous to work improved for handwritten content as compared to other OCR tools.

I didn’t get a possibility to try these collection on Linux, though here’s a discerning comparison of these OCR tools to give we an idea.

Download Cuneiform

OCR Mobile Tools

Text Fairy

Text Fairy is one of a many renouned OCR apps for Android that is totally giveaway and doesn’t uncover any ads. It has a reliable editor to revise both content and picture viewpoint and we can remove content in adult to 50 languages.

Download Text Fairy for Android

text fairytext fairy

Google Keep

The renouned note holding app by Google also has a accessible OCR apparatus built-in. Just import a picture in a note and daub on a three-dot menu. From a menu name Grab picture content and Google Keep will start scanning. After a scan, a content will be shown right on a note.

With Google keep a formula were unequivocally startling for my exam picture and it extracted a content with over 90% accuracy. A contingency try we would say.

Download Google Keep for Android | iOS

google keep ocrgoogle keep ocr

English OCR

A unequivocally good OCR apparatus for iOS users that is totally giveaway and offers arguable accuracy when extracting text. Although it does enclose ads, though we can buy a pro version though advertisement.

Download English OCR for iOS


It should be kept in mind that a picture we used for contrast was unequivocally complex, that is because these tools possibly totally unsuccessful or a formula weren’t perfect. In many cases, we won’t have to understanding with such formidable content images and your formula should be good.

Google Keep showed best formula for a exam image we used, though this doesn’t meant it’s a best as it still depends on picture form and OCR method.

I will also recommend we to check out a paid OCR software Abbyy Finereader if a above didn’t work for you. It’s a blurb program that is most some-more absolute than any of these giveaway tools. Best of all, we can try a giveaway hearing chronicle to see if it works good for your content picture record or not.

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