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Image galleries and sliders are among a many renouned use cases of jQuery. They concede we to benefaction a right volume of visible information to your visitors while saving profitable space on your website.

As a result, your page will look reduction cluttered though we can still add all a images we need to communicate your message. Image galleries and sliders fit generally good with portfolio pages and a product pages of eCommerce websites.

In this article, we hand-picked a best jQuery picture galleries and sliders for you. As they are jQuery plugins, we customarily need to add them to a head section of your HTML page along with a default jQuery library, set them up according to a support (usually usually a few lines of code), and let them go.

Bootstrap Slider

Bootstrap Slider is a giveaway mobile-ready, touch-swipe picture slider that looks illusory on any shade or browsers. You can supplement images, videos, thumbnails, text, buttons to slides.

Product Preview Slider

Product Preview Slider is done with full use of jQuery that looks and feels like a local concentration in itself. The formula of this plugin is purify and delicately crafted.

Expandable Image Gallery

Expandable Image Gallery is an extraordinary plugin that expands with one click of your rodent into a full-width gallery. This plugin could be used for About Us website territory or product preview, or product additional details.


Fotorama is a manageable gallery plugin for jQuery that works in both desktop and mobile browsers. It offers mixed options for browsing by a images including thumbnails, swiping, prev-next buttons, auto-load slideshow or bullet navigation.

Immersive Slider

Immersive Slider allows we emanate a singular slider knowledge that matches a observation slip like we see during a Google’s TV website. You can change a credentials picture and it will be confused to put a slider picture in focus.


Leastjs is a manageable jQuery plugin to emanate a overwhelming gallery for your images. When we mouseover a image, a float with calm appears. When we click on a image, it expands in full width.

Sliding Panels Template

This plugin would be a ideal choice for a portfolio of any kind. All panels with images pierce along a y-axis (x-axis on smaller devices). Images slip to uncover a comparison content.

Squeezebox Portfolio Template

Squeezebox Portfolio Template was combined while experimenting with suit effects for portfolio. The intro picture (or block) uncovers to uncover off a portfolio equipment that are shifting out.

Shuffle Images

Shuffle Images is an extraordinary manageable plugin permitting we to emanate a gallery with images that trifle when we mouseover.

Free jQuery Lightbox Plugin

Free jQuery Lightbox Plugin lets we arrangement one or mixed images on a same page. You can also wizz a picture or get behind to strange size.

PgwSlider – Responsive slider for jQuery

PgwSlider is a one purpose and minimalistic picture slider that is crafted for showcasing picture slides and zero more. It is minimal since a jQuery formula is light-weight, that creates loading time unequivocally fast.

Scattered Polaroids Gallery

Scattered Polaroids Gallery is an extraordinary prosaic pattern slider. The equipment inside a enclosure are relocating chaotically that looks amazing.

Bouncy Content Filter

Bouncy Content Filter is a ideal resolution for online shops or portfolios. It lets users to quick switch from one difficulty of images to another.

Simple jQuery Slider

Simple jQuery Slider says for a name. This plugin consists of a small bit of JavaScript, some HTML5 and a hold of CSS3. The default demo customarily shows a calm slider option, though with a few modifications, we can embody visible content, for example, photos and videos.

Glide JS

Glide JS is a simple, clean, fast, smooth, and manageable jQuery slider plugin. The plugin is lightweight and easy to setup.

Fullscreen drag-slider with parallax

This extraordinary jQuery slider with tone hover, calm and picture will be suitable for any kind of website, from portfolio to corporate. It provides well-spoken parallax scrolling and solemnly appearing of a text.


The functionality of this illusory plugin goes distant over elementary needs. Sliiide will assistance we to emanate interactive menu items, so we can mention a shifting menu during a bottom, a top, a left and right sides of a page.

Zoom Slider

This is a elementary slider gallery with wizz functionality. Once we click a wizz button, a picture will be scaled. It’s a ideal resolution for online shops.

Prism Effect Slider

Prism Effect Slider is a good thought for bloggers. This slider adds a prism trademark on any image, and it changes when we scroll.

Responsive Parallax Drag-slider With Transparent Letters

This extraordinary slider is featuring difference with outrageous collateral letters. You can simply change font, rise size, rise color, and animation speed.

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