Find Semantic Tags Using This HTML5 Robot

The HTML5 doctype altered a lot in a universe of frontend coding. The new customary came with a garland of new elements, many of that are now some-more semantically accurate than elementary divs.

But how do we know that component is best for your sub-navigation or sidebar? Just ask a HTML5 Robot.

This giveaway webapp tells we exactly that tags are a best choice for your HTML page. It considers semantics initial and tells we that tag(s) should work best in your situation.

To get started you’ll answer a array of approbation and no questions to establish a form of page component you’re building. From there HTML5 Robot will calculate all a latest HTML5 elements and find a ideal compare to fit your needs.

html5 drudge formula generatorhtml5 drudge formula generator

Each of a questions helps to establish if a page component is partial of a categorical content, an accessory, or something else altogether.

You’ll usually need to answer about 5 questions before anticipating a tab we need, so this isn’t too tough to use. Even newbie coders can learn to adore a HTML5 Robot!

html5 semantic codes robothtml5 semantic codes robot

Currently, this webapp has been expelled in both English and French. More translations might be on a approach in a future, though no doubt this is a profitable apparatus for semantic frontend coding.

It’s hosted on a Webflow height and this whole thing was built as a plan using on Webflow.

Take a demeanour during the categorical page and see what we think. If we have questions or ideas we can share them with a site’s developer @vinchubang.

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