Find Pantone Color Hex Codes with This Free App

The Pantone tone relating system defines specific values for colors done by Pantone. These colors are mostly used for physical decorating and print matching though they can work only as good digitally.

Still, it’s a tough pursuit matching a accurate conjuration code for any Pantone color. And, interjection to this giveaway web app we can find conjuration codes during a click of a button.

This giveaway apparatus is positively large inventory a whole 2,300+ Pantone tone library in one place. They’re organized by hue, so we can crop to find what you’re looking for, afterwards click to duplicate a conjuration formula automatically.

Pantone colors web appPantone colors web app

You can also CTRL+F to search by name for whatever tone we need.

As we can imagine, a page is really prolonged and filled with a ton of tone options. This apparatus isn’t good as a color picker given it’s not meant to classify colors into schemes.

However, once we already know what colors you’re using, this can assistance we compare certain colors to Pantone names, or name Pantone colors and get them operative digitally.

The whole web app is giveaway and open-sourced on GitHub if we wanna take a look.

Note that Pantone’s library can change given they have a few opposite styles now, and many of these are geared towards copy or painting. But, this web app considers all a vital Pantone shades, so it’s one of a some-more finish collections you’ll find.

This app privately pulls colors from a Fashion, Home + Interiors collection (TCX/TPG). All of this info is available on a Pantone website though because not save time and use this web app instead?

Pantone web appPantone web app

If you’re relocating from a imitation product to a digital shade this Pantone tone picker will infer impossibly valuable.

You can even download a source formula directly and host a copy on your own server, or keep one local on your computer. Handy for those singular times when we don’t have Internet access!

And, if we have any questions or suggestions we could always summary a creator on her Twitter comment @23_jumi.

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