Find Coding Jobs That Match Your Tech Stack With This Site

The standard PHP/MySQL smoke-stack is no longer a usually option for web developers. Newer technologies such as Node, React, and NoSQL databases like Mongo have radically altered a face of development.

This is good for coders who wish to diversify their skills and stay relevant in a pursuit market. That’s because Stack Match is such a profitable tool.

It’s a free hunt engine that pulls jobs from many incomparable boards such as Stack Overflow and GitHub Jobs. Stack Match allows we to limit a searches formed on your elite tools, either we work on IIS/.Net, PHP/MySQL, MEAN, or any other web technology.

The hunt form has four opposite fields to assistance we extent intensity jobs:

  1. Tools or languages to include
  2. Tools or languages to exclude
  3. Job pretension or keywords
  4. Location

For instance, if you’re looking for a pursuit that requires Ruby on a backend along with Bower on a frontend we can filter for both of these technologies. Just start typing their names and autocorrect fills in a rest.

As a result, you’ll find a hunt outcome like this with a full list of all a jobs and companies available.

As we get some-more granular, you’ll find fewer jobs available, though you’ll also expected be a ideal fit for a jobs we do find. This all depends on your skillset and a stream accessibility in a marketplace.

For example, WordPress development will never go out of conform so prolonged as that CMS keeps running. And, Stack Match lets we search over only PHP or MySQL, by digging deeper into WP-specific jobs.

Stack Match jobs filterStack Match jobs filter

If we pointer adult for a giveaway comment we can save your most-viewed searches or subscribe to live updates around RSS. Stack Match is run by StackShare and their village uses OAuth by GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab for new accounts. Your comment would be totally free, so this apparatus is good for pursuit hunting.

Take a demeanour during a StackMatch pursuit search and see what we think! If we have any questions or suggestions about a web app we can always send a discerning twitter over to @stackshareio and let them know your thoughts.

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