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The Speakerdex site is a apparatus like no other. It curates hundreds of tech talks from all areas like web development, UI design, user experience, and artificial intelligence.

Most of these vids are submitted directly by discussion organizers though they also embody submissions from speakers.

No eventuality is too large or too tiny for inclusion. And this site is totally giveaway to join so it’s a good village for learning.

speakerdex tech talksspeakerdex tech talks

If we check out a search page we can crop by all a currently-submitted talks along with a many common categories.

Speakerdex is meant for tech talks only so it’s not a universal discussion keynote site. You’ll mostly find videos on growth and programming with renouned categories like JavaScript, CSS, and frontend.

But there’s also copiousness of talks on user experience and identical topics too.

The categorical video page for any speak boasts of a ton of information. This includes a speaker’s name, their location, all a slides from their presentation along with a hit symbol to strech a orator directly.

You’ll also find a brief overview of any speak explaining a areas lonesome and what we can learn if we watch.

Have a demeanour during this representation speak page to see what we mean.

keynote speakerdex actor pagekeynote speakerdex actor page

All videos are embedded from 3rd celebration sites, essentially YouTube and Vimeo. This creates it super easy to share existent talks we find online to get them included inside a Speakerdex library.

If you’ve ever searched YouTube for tech talks afterwards we know how formidable it is to find good results.

Speakerdex creates it so most easier to find peculiarity calm from creditable events that’ll get we vehement to lay down and binge some keynotes.

If we have suggestions for talks, features, or only wanna share your thanks, we can dump a line to a group on Twitter @speakerdex.

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