Feather Icons – A Beautiful, Minimalist and Free Icons Set

If we hunt around a web you’ll find tons of giveaway idol sets tailor done for a web. These are incredibly useful for all forms of websites since graphics always debonair adult a layout.

It’s unequivocally tough to find giveaway idol sets that compare your design. Typically your best choice is a minimalist idol set like Feather.

This new set is full of line icons with a purify design. The icons feel some-more like interface icons though they can work as feature-type icons on your homepage too.

Either approach they’re all open source and totally giveaway to use on any website.

You don’t need most believe of frontend coding to get these working. Yes you’ll need to spend some time in a code, though we shouldn’t onslaught to get this running.

If we haven’t used idol fonts on a web afterwards Feather is a good place to start.

Check out their newbies guide if you’re not certain what to do. It’ll travel we by all to get your site adult and using with these icons.

You do need to call an outmost JS file, something not really common among other idol sets. But if we don’t wanna use a webfonts afterwards just download a SVG vectors and hide those.

In fact, a group even combined a tiny CodePen template that we can copy/paste into your code. This is ideal for training a simple codes and redesigning for your site but starting from scratch.

But if you’re large into coding check out a tiny API reference on their GitHub page. This lets we control idol styles and change matrix formats with a few lines of JavaScript.

sample plume idol packsample plume idol pack

Keep in mind this icon set might not fit each site. It’s critical to demeanour over a Feather icons and confirm for yourself if these minimalist designs can work for you.

Take a demeanour during their homepage to get a demeanour during their whole collection. You’ll find a couple to a categorical support on GitHub with all a stairs indispensable to get this running.

And if we have any questions or suggestions for a author we can fire him a twitter @colebemis.

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