Facebook Location Services – What You Need to Know

Users of Facebook’s mobile app are substantially good wakeful that a amicable media app offers certain location-based services. It allows we to share your plcae with your friends and some-more recently, find Wi-Fi spots around your area.

So how does Facebook conduct to do this? Well, a answer lies in a underline called Location Services.

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What is Location Services?

Certain Facebook facilities such as Nearby Friends and a Find Wi-Fi rest on plcae information for it to be effective. With Location Services, these facilities are means to receive a compulsory information in sequence to be operational.

find wififind wifi

How does Location Services get a information required?

Getting information on your plcae from your smartphone isn’t accurately formidable deliberation a fact that most smartphones have GPS-capabilities built into them. As such, all a Facebook app needs to do is to accept authorisation from a user to access a plcae data.

Once a information is available, a Facebook app could afterwards ensue to use a pronounced data to lane your plcae as good as capacitate certain facilities that need plcae data. The aforementioned Find Wi-Fi underline is one of them as it does not run if Location Services isn’t active.

nearby placenearby place

How to tell if Location Services is active?

The easiest approach we can tell if Location Services is enabled on a Facebook app is when we try to write a new post. When we try to post a new Status Update, you’ll notice a field above a post box that highlights your location.

post to facebookpost to facebook

Alternatively, a other approach to know if Location Services is operative is by a notifications. As mentioned above, Facebook tends to give certain suggestions that rest on plcae data. If you’ve perceived these notifications before, it means that Location Services is active.

How to spin off Location Services?

Understandably, carrying your amicable media app tracking your each pierce isn’t accurately a comforting thought. Thankfully, there is a approach to invalidate Location Services altogether.

To do so, you’ll need to entrance your Facebook app and follow these steps:

  1. Tap on a “More” menu, and entrance a “Account Settings” page.
  2. Once there, daub on a “Location” choice to entrance a “Location Settings” page.
  3. Toggle a “Location Services” environment off.
location settingslocation settings

Alternatively, we can invalidate a Location Services by revoking a app’s permission to entrance plcae data. If you’re an Android user, you’ll need to go to your device’s Settings menu, daub on a Apps menu and name a Facebook app.

Once done, daub on a Permissions choice and toggle a “Location” environment off. Once that’s done, Location Services will automatically be infirm on a Facebook app.


Disabling Location Services is a good approach to prevent a app from tracking your movements or giving divided your stream location. However, do note that some facilities can't be accessed once Location Services is down.

If you’re someone who values your privacy, it is substantially a good thought to usually make Location Services active when necessary.

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