Explore Open Source Laravel Projects with Open Laravel

Web developers adore frameworks since they save time and urge formula quality. There are many PHP frameworks out there though Laravel is by distant a best.

If you’re only removing into Laravel we can learn a lot by studying other people’s code. That’s where Open Laravel comes in handy.

The site works as a decentralized repository curating a best open source Laravel projects from around a world. All of these projects are completely giveaway to study and good for anyone building a production-ready site.

Open Laravel homepageOpen Laravel homepage

As of this writing, Open Laravel has 75 sum projects with copiousness of room for more. If we do have a idea for a new repo we can submit one to a site. However, it needs to be hosted on GitHub for easy access.

One thing we don’t like about this site is a lack of hunt or filtering. You have to crop any page manually, going behind chronologically by submissions. This is maybe a slightest fit approach to browse, however, Open Laravel is also a best apparatus you’ll find for Laravel repos.

If we click on a plan you’ll get a horde of good info:

  • link to a project’s homepage
  • link to a GitHub repo
  • total stars/forks
  • date when a plan was added

Note that many projects on this site are real websites that run on Laravel. These repos aren’t only plugins, or vacant themes, or templates we can copy/paste and launch.

ReadMarvel is an glorious instance with a possess hosted repo on a site. It’s a beautiful website and a source formula is 100% giveaway on GitHub for anyone peaceful to tinker with it.

ReadMarvel homepageReadMarvel homepage

ReadMarvel is one of a some-more minute repos with all a requirements listed, from server specs to program for mail ReCAPTCHA. It’s a good instance of a peculiarity standards for Open Laravel submissions.

Every PHP developer should be vivacious by a peculiarity of this site. It’s an glorious apparatus to bookmark and one of a best to investigate if you’re only diving into Laravel.

And, if we have any questions or wish to advise some facilities we can twitter a group on their central Twitter comment @openlaravel.

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