Evil Icons – A Clean SVG Line Icon Pack for Web Developers

With a name like Evil Icons, we competence not be certain what to expect. But, a plan is submissive and surprisingly useful!

The Evil Icons pack offers an collection of a few dozen icons in a line idol style. These use thin shapes with pure centers, formulating icons tailor-made for interface UIs and purify minimalist websites.

Everything we need to know can be found on a categorical site or a central GitHub repo.

You can download these icons as elementary SVG files and export into PNGs as needed. Or, we can pull them directly by a Ruby gem, a Node package, or through task runners such as Gulp or Grunt.

While a idol container presents itself as SVG-only, it does support a strange source files, too. The homepage indeed lets we download a icons in three opposite record types:

  1. SVG
  2. Sketch
  3. Illustrator (AI)

With a strange source files, we can easily revise a icons or even add your possess into a mix. Creators Alexander Madyankin Roman Shamin are still progressing a project, so we could even advise new additional icons into a pack.

But, a pleasing partial about Evil Icons is that we don’t need to do anything to them if we don’t wish to. With CDN files for a stylesheet and a JS script, we can embed these icons right into your page and start regulating them right away.

Each idol has a CSS class that you’ll find on a categorical demo page by hovering any one. You can add this category around HTML or target elements boldly with JavaScript.

Evil Icons container sampleEvil Icons container sample

With a slew of different sizes, custom animations, and raw source files to edit, Evil Icons has to be one of a many openly accessible iconsets on a web today. Brilliant for any form of plan and ideal for both designers developers.

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