Everything You Need to Know to Fix Your Slow WiFi

Slow WiFi speed can be unequivocally confusing, rather officious annoying, as there is no singular answer to repair it. There are countless reasons because your WiFi might be operative on a speed slower than intended. It could be a problem with a WiFi router, or a Internet itself.

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Although it is difficult to pinpoint a accurate issue and solve it, however, fixing a speed of your WiFi isn’t impossible. In this beam we will get we by any step to identify and solve delayed WiFi speed issue.

Identifying a Problem

Before removing into a fixing business, a initial step is to identify where a problem lies. As mentioned before, it can possibly be your Internet tie or a inadequate WiFi device.

In sequence to find a law-breaker we will need an ethernet cable. Ethernet wire is customarily supplied with a router, so many substantially we will already have one. If not, we can buy it (it’s usually underneath $5 and there is no selection of form or size), or we can always steal one from a friend.

The ethernet wire will concede we to directly bond a router to a PC though depending on a WiFi signals. If your connection starts working excellent as shortly as we start using an ethernet cable, afterwards a problem is with a WiFi. If it is still slow, afterwards it could be a Internet (or both).

Fixing a Problem with WiFi Signals

In box your Internet works excellent with an ethernet cable, we need to solve a problem with a WiFi. Below we have listed opposite things we can do to repair WiFi problems.

Positioning and Environment is Important

There can be a series of interruptions that could stop signals from reaching your device properly, like walls, objects and even other electronic devices. You should reduce these interruptions between a router and your device. Additionally, a router must be placed during a certain height to safeguard proper placement of a signals.

Make certain there are no electrical appliances nearby a router. Devices such as microwave, refrigerator, wireless speakers, wireless console controllers and electronic heating system are some of a many common WiFi vigilance interrupters.

These appliances customarily operate during 2.4GHz band, and they meddle with a signals entrance from a router that operates on a same frequency. Do keep in mind that reflective element (mirrors) and steel formed finishing in walls also reflect/weaken signals.

Positioning is generally important when we don’t have a connected broadband tie and we depend on signals from your Internet provider. In such a case, we will have to adjust a router position to get a best signals from your ISP, customarily represented by a series of lights.

Create Heatmap for WiFi Signals

While anticipating a ideal mark for your router, a heatmap of a WiFi signals will really be helpful. You can use a third celebration app that will emanate a heatmap of your residence to let we know how a signals are being distributed in a house. It will also tell we about a points where there are interruptions as good a places where we can get a best signals.

Ekahua HeatMapper is a good apparatus for this purpose. It does need registration though it will emanate a heatmap of your WiFi signals for free. If we have a digital map of your house, afterwards it will emanate an accurate heatmap of WiFi signals on that map. Otherwise it can emanate heatmap over grids that are good adequate to understand how signals are distributed.


Switch WiFi Channel

WiFi signals are distributed over opposite channels in a specific area. All a routers in your community are distributed over these channels. If a channel is swarming with connections, it could miscarry WiFi signal. You simply need to pierce to another channel that is rebate swarming to get improved WiFi signals.

For this purpose, WifiInfoView by Nirsoft is a good small focus that will list down information about all a channels in your area, and how swarming they are. You can usually choose a new channel that is slightest crowded.

wifi info viewwifi info view

WiFi On Low Power

Many routers have a built-in choice to put themselves on low energy consumption to save electricity. During this mode a router uses rebate power, however, it also decreases a energy of a signals.

Unfortunately, some of a routers are by default configured to run in energy saving mode and in such a box we have to disable it yourself. In your router settings, demeanour for options identical to “Eco mode”, “Low Power Mode” or “Transmission Power” and spin it off or set it to 100%.

Low Power to PC Wireless Adaptor

Similar to a router, Windows handling complement might also give rebate energy to a wireless adaptor to save energy (usually in energy saving mode). This also leads to slower Internet speed over a WiFi connection.

To repair this, press Windows + R keys and form “powercfg.cpl” in a “Run” dialog. It will open adult “Power Options” from where we click on “Change devise settings” subsequent to your comparison plan, and afterwards click on “Change Advanced energy settings”.

change devise settingschange devise settings

advance energy optionsadvance energy options

In a modernized energy options, expand “Wireless Adaptor Settings” and make certain it is set to “Maximum Performance”. This should safeguard your network label is removing a energy it needs.

wireless network adaptorwireless network adaptor

Restart The Router

Have we attempted restarting a router? we know it’s stupid though it could be a elementary repair to this problem. A elementary uninformed start is customarily a answer to many Internet associated problems. Just completely spin off a router and a modem (if they are separate) and wait for 30 seconds before branch them on.

Reset a Router

If a restart didn’t help, afterwards resetting a router to bureau settings might solve a issue. There should be a reset symbol during a bottom or behind of a router, customarily it’s inside a hole. Use a paperclip (or identical object) to pull this symbol and hold it for 15-30 seconds, or until a router reboots.

All your settings will be reset to bureau settings and might repair delayed WiFi problem if it was due to a poorly configured setting.

Buy A New Router

That’s a cold option, though it is a best one if zero worked for we so far. The older a router gets a rebate a energy becomes. So removing a new router with some-more energy will really help repair delayed WiFi problem. You can even ask your Internet use provider to supply we a new router. While we are looking for a new router, try to go for a smart router that can solve all your WiFi associated problems.

Fixing a Problem with a Internet

The aforementioned tips are useful if there is a problem with a WiFi signal. However, if a emanate is with a Internet, following things can be done to repair it:

Note: Restarting or Resetting a router is a arguable approach to repair Internet problems. So even if we don’t have any WiFi problems, do try out these options to raise your Internet’s speed.

Quit Bandwidth Using Applications

Many applications use Internet actively to yield their services in genuine time. You should monitor Internet usage by turning such apps off. Also, make certain Windows is not downloading any updates in a background as these updates also use a lot of bandwidth.

In Windows, a Task manager is a place to demeanour for processes that might be regulating bandwidth. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open a charge manager and pierce to a “Processes”tab. You should find all a focus processes here. Simply click on the one we don’t need or are not using, and afterwards click “End process” symbol subsequent to tighten it.

task manager processestask manager processes

Check Other Devices Using a WiFi

Multiple inclination connected to a same WiFi might meant that a tie is being over used causing a rebate in altogether Internet speed. The some-more heavy calm a device loads a some-more bandwidth it will use. So we will really not get a good speed on your PC if your hermit is examination YouTube videos on his smartphone.

The best approach to ensure that bandwidth hogging is not a issue, undo all a inclination from a network and usually use a singular device. And when we contend “disconnect” we literally meant disconnect, as simply not regulating a device will still concede credentials processes to use bandwidth.

Now check on that singular device if a tie is operative fine. Additionally, make certain that your WiFi is fast with WPA2 encryption to safeguard someone else isn’t hidden your bandwidth.

Update Network Driver

An old-fashioned network motorist can be one of a factors causing Internet to delayed down. Press Windows + R keys and form “devmgmt.msc” in a “Run” dialog to open a “Device Manager“. Here right-click on your network motorist and name “Update motorist software” option.

update device driversupdate device drivers

In a subsequent window, click on “Search automatically for updated motorist software” and Windows will automatically hunt and download a right driver.

If this doesn’t refurbish a driver, you can use a giveaway third-party application like IObit Driver Booster to refurbish drivers automatically.

search automatically for driverssearch automatically for drivers

Understand Temporary Internet Slow Downs

If we face delayed down during sold times or usually started confronting delayed Internet right now, afterwards it could be a problem during your Internet use Provider’s end. Some ISPs can’t yield best speed during rush hours, so we will usually have to understanding with delayed speeds during that time. In many cases, it is proxy and should solve in few hours.

Whether a problem is proxy or permanent, it is your ISP’s shortcoming to safeguard a fast Internet tie for a customers. If zero is operative for you, simply call your ISP and tell them a problem. They should be means to surprise we what a problem is and might yield a solution.

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You can even ask your ISP to send an representative to your place to privately check and repair a Internet problem. Most ISPs will be be happy to yield this service. If your ISP resists, try melancholy them to pierce to another Internet service. Perhaps afterwards they should be means to assistance you.


This essay contained extensive information on opposite issues that might means your WiFi signals to delayed down. All in all, we would contend that by positioning a router rightly and fixing a problem with your router as good as your computer might solve a infancy of issues.

However, like we pronounced before, ultimately your ISP will assistance we solve any form of Internet associated problem (or during slightest answer it). They would never like their patron to pierce to another Internet service, therefore they will do anything to repair your delayed WiFi problem.

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