Dropbox’s Scooter Framework Makes Sass Development Even Easier

We all know about CSS frameworks and a energy they offer developers. But, what about SCSS frameworks that tie into a Sass workflow?

There aren’t many of these frameworks around though Scooter is a good exception. It’s confirmed by a folks at Dropbox and it works usually like a frontend UI framework though with one caveat—it’s all built on SCSS.

scooter home pagescooter home page

The group during Dropbox combined this library as a approach to consolidate their UI work and make it easier to customize. They have a CSS character guide that covers a basis of formulating new classes, nesting, spacing, and ubiquitous essay guidelines.

Naturally, these discipline also request to SCSS, and it’s unequivocally some-more of a user’s manual than an introduction. Unfortunately, there is no singular intro for beginners. Instead, there are pages with information about a library, such as custom functions for page colors.

The Scooter library isn’t tough to collect up if we already know Sass. If you’re a finish newbie afterwards you’ll need to demeanour into a basics of Sass first.

Scooter is still a unequivocally new plan so there’s room for growth. It has plenty of minute objects such as grids, media boxes, list items, and components like buttons/field inputs.

scooter buttons scssscooter buttons scss

The Scooter library is half SCSS growth framework, half UI member library. It’s a singular turn opposite a normal things like Bootstrap.

I’d usually suggest this for modernized developers who like digging into frameworks for fun. Scooter is not good for prolongation projects and it’s unequivocally done to be an prolongation of Dropbox’s growth team.

But, if we wanna puncture further, check out a official GitHub repo with all a included files and a free download to squeeze a source code.

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