How to earn money With Master Resell Rights Products

Make $20/Day On Autopilot

This method can bring you between 20 – 50$ per day

1 – Step go to Products and pick up some products that you like and you can use for yourself and resell easily. They are for cheap.

2 – After you download your products you have 2 options

2.1 – Resell the whole product :

For this part all you have to do is download the product use it and resell with master resell rights

For that there’s many ways to do it:

You can use Blogger to create pages where you can sell the product with master resell rights

You can get traffic from facebook by posting on Marketing and make  money online Groups and Pages

You can buy paid traffic from facebook, bing ads,, etc …

Sell it on Flippa:

Buy a domain name for your product (8$ – 12$) + shared hosting (6$ – 9$ months)

upload the sale page and thank you page to your hosting and sell it in Flippa

On Flippa there’s 2 options to sell a website or domain Free and Paid

With Paid option you can get access to the auction feature and more visibility where people can bid on your site

the Free option is that your site will not be visible as much as the paid and you have to wait that someone make a research on the site for products or the keywords you gave to your listing.

Personally i prefer the Free option for such websites and you can list as many one as you want and just wait to get buyers once a website is sold you can create another domain and sell it again, you just need to notice on your description that this product is not unique and can be sold multiple times. (you can contact me if you need help with the listing description and details for your website)

You can sell 1 website between 50$ to 150$ and don’t forget that flippa take 5% for every website or domain sold.

I use paid option especially for worthy websites with earnings and traffic because they will be sold easily.

2.2 – Sell the product

Make $30-70 In The Next 24 Hours


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