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Designers mostly need to outsource work for their projects or recommend other agencies to clients. This can be tough given there are so many gifted people to work with. is a giveaway online office listing a best digital agencies, orderly curated by designers.

Not usually does this site assistance we find a best pattern agencies for clients, though it can also assistance we find a job during a circuitously group if you’re looking for an in-house gig. Pretty cool!

TheDirectory artistic agenciesTheDirectory artistic agencies

You can arrange all agencies by four categories:

  1. Digital
  2. Product
  3. Graphic
  4. Spatial

Digital pattern agencies will be a many renouned given they describe to web pattern mobile app design. But, graphics products are also large and these forms of agencies can partner with vital brands for outrageous projects.

Strangely, a fourth difficulty brings courtesy to architecture, woodworking, and other physical artistic shops. It adds a bit of farrago to a site and I’m certain we’ll see a lot some-more categories combined in a destiny (such as animation, SEO, etc.).

Every group is organized by location so we can crop by Dallas, TX, or a downtown agencies of Shanghai.

What’s even cooler is a whole site is built like one large web app, so pages are populated dynamically formed on filters and hunt queries.

agency shade TheDirectoryagency shade TheDirectory

You can sign adult for a giveaway account by regulating your email or joining directly around Twitter. It’s a illusory setup where existent employees can associate themselves with companies and share recommendation for impending clients (or determined destiny employees).

Clients can also leave reviews for agencies to assistance others along a way. For now, this site is really tiny and a village has a prolonged approach to go. we consider it shows a lot of guarantee and if other agencies can get on house this site may grow rapidly in a entrance years.

To learn more, revisit a directory home page and crop around. You can also share questions suggestions with a site’s dual French co-founders Maxime Beneteau and Quentin Le Pape.

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