Desktop Blogging Software, The Ultimate List

Blogging is a perfectionist pursuit that requires your time and dedication. But even as a pro blogger we have to pierce around and transport that mostly leaves we with a weak or low internet tie and other such hurdles. In such a box some useful blogging collection and applications can do wonders, and desktop blogging program are one of them.

If you’re wondering which sold blogging app will fit your needs, take a demeanour during this list of best desktop blogging software. These apps have opposite facilities catering to your opposite needs. So, take a demeanour during this list to see which one of these apps will be best matched for your blogging needs. Desktop App Desktop Desktop App Desktop App allows we to write, add, edit, and tell posts, and perspective statistics right from your desktop. You can conduct all your as good as blogs (Jetpack is compulsory in this box though) by a ‘My Sites’ choice in a dashboard.

The app comes with an editor that allows we to revise and preview any post, and it saves a drafts like a online sibling. It is a same editor from a online chronicle of WordPress that lets we supplement calm and images and tell or report a post as required. Last though not a least, it is a multi-platform app that works in Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Open Live Writer

Open Live WriterOpen Live Writer

Open Live Writer allows we to write, edit, customize, and tell posts to your blogs. You can also add photos and videos to your posts and revise or raise a images with a in-app print editor. It comes with a WYSIWYG editor, that creates essay a calm a zephyr for anyone with 0 coding knowledge.

Moreover, it works completely offline – we can harmonise posts anytime anywhere and tell them after when we are online.

It is a conspicuous apparatus being an open-source software, and we will find yourself during home if we have used MS Word before. Open Live Writer supports publishing posts to WordPress, Blogger, Movable Type, TypePad, and some-more platforms though runs on Windows only.



Desk helps we to write and tell or report posts efficiently. Interestingly, it avails drag-and-drop support, and an choice to hide videos is a work in progress. It comes with several themes, essay modes, and formatting and blueprint options along with a purify and distraction-free interface.

Additionally, your content is auto-saved in offline mode and is also synced to iCloud Drive whenever we come online, so preventing detriment of a work.

What we found engaging is Desk is that it allows component posts directly in Markdown. It comes with a preview choice as good as a stats underline that gives we an thought of a post’s display and real-time swell info. Lastly, we can use this discerning focus on macOS usually and tell posts to usually WordPress, unfortunately.



BlogJet allows we to write posts, save drafts, and tell them later. You can insert internal and Flickr images as good as YouTube videos directly into a posts, distinct Open Live Writer and Desk.

Thanks to a Unicode support, we can harmonise posts in many languages including Korean, Japanese, etc. and spell-check a calm in these upheld languages. Also, it manages typography automatically for you.

What we favourite is a group posting feature, that lets we tell a post on mixed blogs – even if they have opposite blogging platforms underneath a hood. It also avails an choice to check your blog and yield essential insights.

It supports heading blog platforms including WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Movable Type, Squarespace, Drupal, and a lot some-more blog engines. However, it works usually on Windows, like Open Live Writer.



Blogo is your portable essay studio, that allows we to write anywhere. It helps we to classify and report all your blog posts in one dashboard, even if they are to be published on opposite blogs. You can write in rich-text and live-preview your blog post anytime while operative on it.

In Blogo, like Desk, we can write directly in Markdown, though distinct a former, we can also hide HTML and use syntax highlighting in your drafts.

You can share and supplement any calm (say a video or some text) from any app to Blogo, interjection to a “Send to Blogo” extension. Its pro book offers some-more facilities like support for mixed blogs and syncing to Evernote. It is concordant with and can publish to WordPress, Blogger, and Medium, though works in macOS only.



MarsEdit supports browsing by media on print apps like iPhoto, Aperture, Flikr, and Lightroom etc. and insert them directly into your post or supplement them as an attachment. What we like is one can fast switch between essay abounding calm or HTML; so we can select per your preference. Also, we can always preview your post regulating a live preview option.

You can write full-featured posts regulating MarsEdit while offline and upload them once we have a connection. Another worth-knowing underline is a “Blog This” bookmarklet for your browser, that allows starting a new post whenever we learn something engaging while browsing a Internet.

Lastly, MarsEdit works with mixed engines like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Movable Type, TypePad, etc. though runs on macOS only.



MacJournal works as your all-in-one digital journal, and we can also post a entries as posts to your online blog. This app supports media browsing (like MarsEdit) to pick songs from iTunes, images from Pictures library, or videos from YouTube. You can arrange a entries formed on categories and use a Statistics menu to perspective a calm stats.

I favourite a “Timer” feature, that helps to guard a time spent on journaling and a other underline named “Timeline Mode” shows your daily essay activity in sequential order.

Moreover, we can possibly select to tell your posts or secure them regulating a cue – an sparkling choice if we wish to write about daily life. This app works with WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, Tumblr, and more, though can be used on macOS alone.



TypeMetal allows we to harmonise drafts as good as browse, edit, search, reference, and supplement excerpts from prior posts – both online and offline. The app facilities a “Clear View” mode, that brings adult a distraction-free editor to assistance we combine usually on a content. Also, we can change rise distance as good as write directly in HTML.

What we found engaging is that TypeMetal allows formulating ‘snippet sets,’ that helps we to rise a wording of formalized common constructs, so bringing coherence in your posts and speeding adult a essay process. Moreover, we can clean and countenance your HTML too regulating this elementary app, that works with WordPress and runs on macOS only.

Windows Live Writer

Windows Live WriterWindows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer is a Microsoft’s chronicle of Open Live Writer. This apparatus allows we to supplement and conduct mixed blogs, like others. You can supplement images and videos (via YouTube only) to your posts. Also, we can write posts in offline mode, save them as drafts, and tell them later whenever we are online. It also allows we to report posts.

It has a Word-like WYSIWYG editor for essay abounding calm and shows an instant preview of your posts regulating your stream theme. Also, this app allows we to set category, author, and knock for both posts as good as pages. It can be used on Windows usually and is compatible with WordPress, Blogger, SharePoint, TypePad, and some-more blogging services.



SharpMT works as an offline blog essay apparatus that saves a posts to your internal disk. You can supplement categories to a post and revise mixed drafts concurrently in a tabbed interface regulating this app. Also, it features a spell checker and supports formatting a text as well.

You can supplement images to your posts and preview them, interjection to a built-in ‘Previewing’ option. It also supports a bookmarklet (like MarsEdit), that helps to emanate a new post now in SharpMT while browsing a web.

However, SharpMT is concordant with usually Movable Type blogs and can be used on Windows alone, distinct Desktop App.


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