Designers: Endless Client Revisions Got You Down? 260+ Pre-built Websites Are The Solution

(This branded calm is brought to we by Be Theme)

When we consider your customer is finally satisfied, here comes another rider request. This time, it’s since he’s only come opposite a rise he believes improved fits in with a association brand.

That would be acceptable, solely it’s a third time it’s happened! You find yourself stranded with a same plan for a few some-more days, instead of relocating on to a subsequent one.

There are a integrate of things we can do about it:

  1. You can use a apparatus that gives your customer accurately what he wants early on;
  2. Use a apparatus that allows we to make changes easily.

Here’s one that does both.

Be Theme delivers what your clients need – a initial time.

Be Theme offers a preference of some-more than 260 pre-built websites. Thus, it’s not tough to find one that’s a ideal compare for your client’s needs or niche.

These pre-built websites are totally customizable. Moreover, we have a resources of pattern options to work with. So, it’s easy to a make a change in a doubtful eventuality of indispensable revision.

Even better, we can respond to your client’s ask for a website in as tiny as 4 hours.

See how easy we can implement Be Theme by examination this cold 40-second video.

10 Be Theme template examples that can get a pursuit done.

  1. Be eLearning

    For clients who sell online courses.

    This appealing pre-built website provides a good starting indicate to build a website for a customer with online courses to sell, or is formulating an eLearning platform. Although copiousness of white space is used a design, Be eLearning supports a vast volume of content.

  2. Be Craftbeer

    For tiny business owners

    A customer who is offered domestic products will wish a website that facilities attention-getting images, like this one in Be Craftbeer. Its structured, well-balanced design, cold JavaScript effects, and crafty arrangement of buttons should greatfully even a pickiest client.

  3. Be Tiles

    For interior designers and architects

    Be Tiles lays a grounds for a customer wishing to showcase visible effects; a form of website mostly compared with architectural firms and interior pattern agencies.

    Give a customer a few examples of overwhelming portfolio styles, and you’re not expected to be worried by rider requests.

  4. Be Artist

    For clients operative in artistic industries

    Be ArtistBe Artist

    A customer who has high standards and artistic tastes, can be formidable to satisfy, as he or she will pattern a same in a website we deliver. Be Artist will put your fears to rest.

    Parallax scrolling and neat JavaScript portfolio filtering effects concede we to arrangement a client’s artistic talent in well-developed ways.

  5. Be Burger

    For clients operative in a catering industry

    Be BurgerBe Burger

    Here’s your possibility to pattern a website for a customer in a catering or food use business that stands out from a throng in this rarely rival niche.

    Mouth-watering images, easy-to-order forms, and a elementary menu structure should prove any food use client.

  6. Be Sports club

    For clients in a aptness wellness industry

    Be Sports clubBe Sports club

    This energetic and interactive pre-built website is a ideal compare for a niche it represents. Clients owning or representing a sports club, aptness center, or health and wellness center, will like this complicated design, with a purify lines, crafty parallax effects and attention-getting animations.

  7. Be Hotel2

    For clients in a transport and camp industry

    Be Hotel2Be Hotel2

    Be Hotel2 illustrates how vast cover images, and well-designed galleries display atmospheric hotel bedrooms and other amenities for guests, can trigger a enterprise on a partial of a caller to collect adult a phone and book a room.

    You can build a formidable website like this in 4 hours.

  8. Be Restaurant

    For grill or bistro owners

    Be RestaurantBe Restaurant

    You don’t see many websites for restaurants as desirable as this one. Be Restaurant2 was designed from blemish to accommodate a accumulation of needs.

    It will offer equally good as a basement for an upscale restaurant’s website, or for a customer who owns a small, area bistro.

  9. Be VPN

    For your IT clients

    Be VPNBe VPN

    This website is modern, clean, and well-structured, that is what an IT group or association will pattern from you. Be VPN’s corporate demeanour isn’t harm one bit by providing a friendly, tellurian touch. The extract potion looks like it belongs where it’s been placed.

  10. Be Car

    For clients who sell oppulance products

    Be CarBe Car

    This pre-built website has superb and pleasing sum joined with discerning design. It offers all a customer offered oppulance equipment competence pattern in a website.

    A favourite picture surrounded by copiousness of white space is an glorious approach to gleam a spotlight on a oppulance product.


How does Be Theme discharge those troublesome customer revisions?

  • You have a largest series of pre-built websites on a market. This creates it a no-brainer to find one to compare your client’s needs.
  • With Be Theme, it’s probable to broach a formidable website with text, images, and a works. It will take as tiny as 4 hours of your time.
  • The fact that Be Theme is a Top 5 ThemeForest best seller speaks for itself. This thesis ensures a peculiarity your clients will see in your deliverables. Thousands of designers and developers determine with this fact.
  • The pre-built websites are customizable and easy to work with. This creates them simply variable to any client’s needs.
  • The designs are beautiful, discerning and come with well-structured content. The functionality is embedded in any pre-built website along with other features.


No some-more time squandered operative on revisions that tend to raise adult in your inbox. All that’s compulsory of we is to accommodate your client’s needs a initial time around.

This will not be tough to do when we have 260+ themes and a Be Theme 1-click installer to work with.

You might still get a ask for a rider now and then, though you’ll never again see them in a double digits. Besides, with Be Theme, we can make a many perfectionist clients happy with your initial works.

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