Create Your Own Auto-Response Bot with Bottr

Most of us remember a Microsoft Tay incident where Internet users taught an AI bot some flattering crazy words in only a few days. It’s a humorous instance of bots on a web, though we can make your possess Twitter or FB messaging bot without a AI stuff.

Bottr is a giveaway open source library for creating bots from scratch. It labels itself “the world’s simplest bot framework” and we have to agree.

The whole smoke-stack runs on JavaScript, so we can build a tradition bot regulating frontend ECMAScript on tip of Express.js and Node.js.

Unfortunately, Bottr is not a finish AI framework. It can accept AI concepts though it won’t have low learning out of a box. Instead, we can program events where Bottr can respond or pass information to

The many unsentimental use would be internal group collaborations or idea pity with Facebook Messenger. But substantially a many fun plan is creating a Twitter bot that automates responses, retweets, or only listens for tweets containing certain keywords or hashtags.

Botting is not a new record though it positively hasn’t been around for that long. Bottr is a best of a kind with a complete open source library on GitHub, prepared for use. And we can find dozens of live bot examples like @DearAssistant on Twitter.

dearasst chatter botdearasst chatter bot

You can also find plenty of examples in this repo though for some reason, a live versions have been taken offline. I’m guessing they were eating adult server resources and couldn’t be hosted for free.

If we wanna dive into Bottr afterwards crop by a installation guide to set adult your service and build your features. If you’re carrying difficulty or wish some assistance with bugs/errors we can demeanour by a issues tab on GitHub.

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