Create JavaScript-Powered Data Charts With Billboard.js

Graphics and visuals play a critical purpose in improving a web content. With complicated record it’s so easy to supplement tradition visuals like SVG icons into your page.

But another startling visible we can build from blemish is a web chart.

This can assistance we graph a information visually so your visitors can fast slick impending information. And rather than coding a graph yourself we can use a library like Billboard.js to do all a complicated lifting.

billboard js scriptbillboard js script

This is indeed built on tip of D3 that is a JavaScript information cognisance library. It’s simply a many renouned one out there creation it a safest dependency we could ask for.

With Billboard.js we can entrance a D3 API fast and easily. The primary idea of Billboard is ease of use, creation it permitted to anyone. Although it does assistance to have some experience with JavaScript, we positively don’t need to be an expert.

Just note a whole codebase uses ES6 syntax that can be treacherous to less-experienced JS devs.

As prolonged as we know how to accumulate a code we should be fine. We indeed lonesome a few hot features from ES6 if we wanna learn more.

All a technical sum about this plugin might seem nice. But we substantially only wanna know what this can do.

Have a demeanour during a demo page and click by some of a live examples.

demos of billboard chartsdemos of billboard charts

You’ll find all from cake graphs to separate plots and tradition charcterised bar graphs.

With Billboard.js we have full control over your data. You control how it appears on a page, how it’s structured, and what form of UI/UX facilities we add(if any).

It’s unequivocally a illusory draft library and it’s one of a easiest to collect up. Have a demeanour during a project’s GitHub repo to learn more.

You can also puncture into this snippet on CodePen if we wanna fondle with a formula in your browser.

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