Convert GitHub Files into Raw CDN Assets with RawGit

There are thousands of new projects and features on GitHub to play with. However, developers like to pierce discerning and it’s irritating to download all these files locally only for testing.

This is where RawGit comes in handy. This giveaway web app lets we modify any file from a GitHub repo to an externally-hosted CDN.

With this CDN file, we can directly hide CSS and JavaScript files though storing them locally on your machine. This also creates it easier to use cloud IDEs where we need outmost files.

RawGit CDNRawGit CDN

The RawGit web app is super easy to use and it works for each GitHub repo.

First, we should find a repo we wish to use that doesn’t have a CDN link. In this case, I’ll select this CSS3 modal that is flattering simple.

Then puncture by a record structure to find a exact files we wish externally. For example, this stylesheet is all we need for this modal window effect. So, copy/paste that URL into RawGit and voila!

A full URL prepared to go that we can copy/paste as needed.

RawGit emanate GitHub linkRawGit emanate GitHub link

Notice there are two opposite URLs here. The initial is a CDN prolongation URL that we can indeed use on live websites. This runs by a StackPath CDN, so a files can be served fast opposite a globe.

On a other side, you’ll find a development URL that is still hosted online, though it doesn’t pass by a CDN. It’s not optimized for high opening though it works good for local testing or cloud-based IDE development.

You can’t go wrong with possibly couple and they both work exquisitely for contrast smaller GitHub repos.

The growth URL does have built-in throttling for extreme trade and high volume requests. This can lead to problems down a line though if you’re operative on a smaller plan we shouldn’t notice any issues.

RawGit is one of a best inventions for complicated web development. You can lift any record from any GitHub repo and get it hosted online with correct Content-Type headers. Definitely a must-have apparatus for all serious frontend developers.

If we have any questions or only wanna send your interjection we can fire a discerning twitter over to a central Twitter comment @rawgit.

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