Compare Websites Loading Speed (Side-by-Side) with This Tool

It’s no tip that a website’s load time is a outrageous cause in usability. This also affects your site’s Google rankings, so your page speed is really value optimizing.

If there’s a aspirant you’re perplexing to outrank one metric we competence investigate is page speed. And, with a apparatus like Duoload, we can check a speed of dual pages simultaneously, right from your browser.

This is one of a few collection I’ve found where we can investigate page loading times together in a singular window. You can watch how they render and which page elements bucket first on both sites.

The loading routine is controlled by a singular button, so we press it once to bucket both websites during a same time. Pretty neat!

I would adore to see an additional underline to set a tradition substitute or IP to bucket from opposite countries. But for now, we can usually get this to work if we run trade by a VPN.

Still, Duoload is utterly profitable since it also lets we crop around a websites to see a disproportion in page speeds. This approach we can gauge a altogether user experience between dual opposite sites and check your site opposite other competitors.

Duoload web appDuoload web app

This is a super simple web app though it leaves plenty of room for customization.

You can find all a source code for giveaway on GitHub to download a duplicate and even horde it yourself. This lets we edit a app to embody any changes to a JavaScript for tracking bucket times, vast HTTP assets, and even adding a 3rd website mirror into a mix.

If we have suggestions for additional facilities or wish to share some adore we can always dump a line to a creator Lea Verou on her Twitter @LeaVerou.

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