Combat Phone Addiction by Turning Your Smartphone Screen Gray

Tech addiction is a common problem these days, and among all a devices, smartphone use surpasses all else. You’ll find people that are so pensive in their smartphone that they omit all in their surroundings.

However, there might be a elementary approach to solve this problem – turning your smartphone shade monochrome.

According to former Google Design Ethicist Tristan Harris, smartphones are able of hijacking a attention in a approach that is identical to a container machine. Whenever a user receives a presentation on their phone, a chemical called dopamine gets expelled into a brain’s prerogative and pleasure centers, triggering a feeling of compensation that can get addictive.

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In sequence to cut down on smartphone reliance, Harris has suggested that a user enables grayscale mode on their smartphone. The proof behind it is that a removal of colors from a smartphone’s shade would make it reduction appealing, that would directly lead to a user checking their smartphone reduction frequently.

change to grayscale ioschange to grayscale ios

If this sounds like something we would like to try, here’s how we can do it on your smartphone.


If you’re an owners of an iOS 10 device, take a following steps:

  1. Go to Settings General Accessibility.
  2. Choose Display Accommodations Colour Filters.
  3. Tap Colour Filters to spin it on.
  4. Select a Greyscale.
ios setps to colour filterios setps to colour filter


Activating grayscale on your Android device might change depending on your chronicle of Android OS, though if you’re on Android 7.1 Nougat, we can follow a stairs below:

  1. Access a Accessibility menu.
  2. Select Vision option.
  3. Scroll down and name grayscale option.
android grayscale settingsandroid grayscale settings

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