Colors.css Offers New Defaults for Colors on The Web

Finding a good color scheme for your website is no easy task. But, it only got a lot easier with a Colors library by Adam Morse.

This giveaway CSS library works off a strange web colors that were deemed “web safe” and initial expelled with HTML4 behind in 1999. As we can imagine, a web has come a prolonged way given then.

With Colors, we can overwrite a default tone choices and use some-more suitable defaults for your layout. These colors fit together most easier and create reduction tragedy by diluting contrast.

For example, instead of #000 for black, this library uses #111 to keep a same turn of darkness while stealing some of a differing contrast. This works most softened for content and for backgrounds.

You can implement Colors via npm or through GitHub by downloading a stylesheet directly.

Best of all, it comes with giveaway swatches we can import into your pattern programs for easy entrance to a colors. The following swatch files are included:

  • .aco (Photoshop)
  • .ase (Illustrator/XD)
  • .gpl (Gimp/Inkscape)

If we pattern a lot of mockups with a default colors we positively suggest grabbing a duplicate of these swatches. You’ll be astounded how good these colors can fit into any layout.

Colors.css accessibilityColors.css accessibility

Plus, Colors.css even has a possess accessibility schemes where you’ll find 90 combinations of colors that accommodate a WCAG specs for quality accessibility. This is outrageous for anyone perplexing to support a widest assembly probable and it’s good to see designers that caring so most about complicated UI/UX work.

But some-more importantly, it’s good to see so most swell in a open source community.

It’s humorous looking behind on aged websites to see how most they’ve improved. And, a same can be pronounced for ubiquitous pattern trends, generally tone choices and CSS libraries.

To learn some-more about a Colors library, revisit a main page and check out a live examples. You can lift a .css file, along with all a swatch files directly from a GitHub repo, too.

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