Color Safe is The WCAG-Compliant Color Picking Tool Designers Need

Web designers are constantly pulling towards more accessibility. This means increased support on a web for conference prophesy impairments, that can embody problems reading high-contrast websites.

The Color Safe web app is ideal for anticipating only a right colors that fit accurately what we need. It’s a giveaway web app that gauges a peculiarity of a contrariety ratio of your text, formed on a credentials color, a rise size, and a rise family.

Color Safe web appColor Safe web app

It’s a really interactive web app, so it’s not only another color intrigue generator.

First, we enter a credentials color and pick a font we are using. This doesn’t have to be an accurate compare though we should try to get a distance and chain right. Try to compare your page’s body calm rather than headers.

Once we click “OK”, you’ll get a code new shade full of tone recommendations. You can crop by tone choices that best compare your selected credentials to find content colors with high readability ratios.

The WCAG has very despotic tone contrariety ratio requirements to get a flitting class (either AA or AAA). This rating is formed on a specific ratio, distributed by a conjuration codes and a cacophony to any other.

For example, a splendid immature rise on a splendid red credentials is a good approach to destroy a WCAG rating. That’s because this apparatus is so valuable.

Color Safe pickerColor Safe picker

Instead of incidentally picking colors in Photoshop, we can name from predefined tone choices tailored to fit your background. This ensures a high readability ratio and a well-spoken knowledge for all users.

We did a outrageous post on color contrariety for accessibility, so really check that out if you’d like to learn more. And, if you’re stranded anticipating a good tone combo for your website revisit Color Safe and give it a shot. It will really assistance we find a tone intrigue that works.

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