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Static site generators are a hottest collection for quick web development. A tiny site doesn’t always need a database or CMS, and infrequently it’s only easier to beget immobile pages instead.

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10 Best Static Site Generators for Bloggers

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With a height like CMS.js we can build immobile sites on JavaScript without any backend language. This JavaScript-powered site generator can run in your browser though any dependencies like Node or Ruby.

On a central plan page you’ll find some basic depot commands that we can copy/paste to implement a formula new CMS.js project. After we emanate a new plan we can supplement pages and customize facilities to fit your needs.

All new plan sum can be edited from a config.js file that contains a site name, navigation links, post content, and other associated settings. If you’re even vaguely informed with JavaScript and/or JSON afterwards you’ll have no difficulty regulating CMS.js.

The name itself is rather treasonable since it’s not a full CMS. But it’s meant to impersonate a CMS and instead output immobile pages like we get with Jekyll. The disproportion is Jekyll relies on Ruby, though with CMS.js we can run all locally though any dependencies.

This is one of a simplest collection for handling a immobile website. Whether we wish a elementary personal site or a immobile blog we can conduct all from a CMS.js system.

All page calm is edited by Markdown so you’ll never need to hold any tender HTML/CSS code. And we can even customize a pattern or rest on a default Jekyll Poole theme.

To get started check out a GitHub repo and follow a implement directions. From there we can tinker with settings and start essay Markdown pages with ease.

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