Clean Messy HTML Codes with HTML Washer

If you’re modifying someone else’s web page or wish to duplicate a formula of a blueprint it can be tough wading by a formatting. You’ll have to clean adult a lot of a disorderly areas and this is not fun to do manually.

With a HTML Washer web app, we can automatically purify adult any HTML code with a click of a button.

This web app removes all unconnected facilities out of a HTML, including additional CSS and JavaScript. It’ll also strip many classes and attributes to leave only a bare-bones HTML template.

This is maybe a many useful when studying a structure of another website. If we wish to counterpart a blueprint we can simply perspective a source and copy/paste a formula in your possess editor.

You might also wish to strip HTML comments and simplify a formula further. This is where HTML Washer comes in handy.

It has a handful of neat facilities and these are the many useful ones for developers:

  • Converts a formula into HTML5 (from HTML4/XHTML)
  • Fixes improperly formatted tags
  • Reformats HTML with correct indentation
  • Removes all inline scripts CSS

Note that HTML Washer isn’t a full resolution for transferring an comparison blueprint into HTML5. Nor is it a ideal apparatus for literally copy/pasting an existent blueprint and creation it your own.

But, as a starting point, this apparatus can assistance we clean adult disorderly HTML fast. It’ll assistance we focus on only a fundamentals of a code, so you’re not bogged down by classes or unconnected HTML attributes.

Although, if any img tags don’t have alt attributes this HTML Washer will supplement them to a page. It’s meant to outlay HTML that’s fully agreeable with complicated coding and accessibility standards.

One underline we would like to see is a optional inclusion of classes or IDs. Sometimes, you’ll wish to keep a classes, so we can copy/paste formula along with a strange stylesheet to keep a same look.

Right now, this is not probable with HTML Washer, nonetheless here’s anticipating it can be combined in a destiny update!

For an programmed tool, this thing is good and it lets we possibly copy/paste code or upload a record directly from your computer.

HTML cleared formula previewHTML cleared formula preview

To see it live in action, check out a main site and give it a go. If this is something we could see yourself regulating be certain to bookmark it.

And, if we have any suggestions for improvements fire a discerning summary to a developer on Twitter @HtmlWasher.

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