Check Performance & Quality of Any Website with Lighthouse

Google is during a forefront of complicated web design. It offers so many collection from Analytics to DevTools all with a aim of assisting people make a improved web.

Recently it published another accessible apparatus called Lighthouse. This is a free programmed contrast apparatus that runs in a credentials of Chrome. It works like a mini website review where it’ll check a site’s performance, speed, accessibility, and confluence to semantic best practices.

lighthouse homepagelighthouse homepage

The Lighthouse prolongation was created essentially for on-going webapps. These are ubiquitous webapps that run in a browser and act like local apps, nonetheless duty like standard websites.

PWAs are a outrageous partial of a Lighthouse project. But a idea of Lighthouse is to assistance all web developers check a peculiarity of their pages.

This can embody HTML/CSS bug checking or looking for transcribe lines of code. Lighthouse also looks into web performance with optimization tips for images, record sizes, HTTP requests, and so most more.

All a categorical review formula seem right inside Chrome’s DevTools so we don’t even need to open a new window to check stats. All we need is a using chronicle of Chrome and some time to differentiate by a Lighthouse review results.

Generally this breaks down into 4 categories:

  • Performance.
  • Accessibility.
  • Best practices.
  • Progressive Webapp properties.

Each difficulty breaks down serve into smaller properties with recommendations for UX improvements.

lighthouse review toollighthouse review tool

At a click of a symbol we can lift review results that’ll assistance we radically urge website performance, speed, usability, and flattering most each metric Google cares about.

If we wanna learn some-more slick by a main page and review adult on Lighthouse’s many features.

You can also watch this presentation from Google I/O 2017 that initial introduced Lighthouse to a dev community.

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