Capture Quick Videos from Your Browser with Loom

How mostly do we find yourself explaining how to do something on a computer? Typing it out is positively not a clearest method.

Loom is a giveaway browser prolongation for Chrome that lets we constraint your screen in a discerning educational video. You can record yourself doing some movement and share that video with anyone we want.

This creates it so easy to conduct a group and assistance others learn to perform any charge we need.

loom video captureloom video capture

You can pointer adult to a site for giveaway formulating an comment with your Google or Microsoft account.

All a videos we make can be stored for destiny reference, all of that have their possess shareable links. The Loom group combined a large support guide for all Loom-related with tips on removing started and handling your videos.

There are even specific guides to operative with Gmail and recording your processes directly with your Chrome/Google account.

Each video we make can be shared directly or embedded into a webpage regulating Embedly. Perfect for tech users from any credentials perplexing to learn people how to do, well, anything!

Organize your prisoner videos into folders and set permissions for who can entrance them. Easy peasy.

loom recorder prolongation installloom recorder prolongation install

Take a demeanour during a getting started page that offers minute assistance guides on everything.

If we ever need to visually uncover someone how to perform a rote charge afterwards Loom is a best recording apparatus for a job.

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