Beware This Ransomware Disguised as WhatsApp Webpage

With courtesy being focused only on a WannaCry ransomware conflict that happened over a weekend, it can be easy to remove lane of a fact that a notorious hackers are still resorting to smaller attempts to concede a user’s device. Case in point, there appears to be a feign Whatsapp couple present around a internet.

The couple in doubt looks like this:

whatsapp in cyrillicwhatsapp in cyrillic

And it might seem legit to those who merely give a cursory peek during a link. However, those who demeanour closer during a couple will notice that a word “WhatsApp” is created in Cyrillic instead of a English alphabet.

change whatsapp colourchange whatsapp colour

By clicking on a link, a user would be ecstatic to a website that appears to foster colored themes for WhatsApp. Upon visiting a site, a website would prompt a user to share a site around their amicable media comment or directly to friends in sequence to determine them.

Finally, a website would afterwards ask a user to implement an adware disguised as a Google Chrome prolongation to their browser.

fake google extensionfake google extension

For a many part, a risk that comes with this malware has mostly been neutralized by Google, as a WhatsApp couple in doubt has given been flagged as dangerous, and a antagonistic prolongation has given been removed.

Nevertheless, it might be wise to sojourn observant with regards to a links we click. According to a post on Reddit, a Twitter hoop has been speckled tweeting out identical Cyrillic-based links of other renouned amicable network services.

attacking other amicable media platformattacking other amicable media platform

In short, pay tighten courtesy to a links that we click as some of them might not seem so trusting on closer inspection.

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