Best Time Lapse Apps For Your Smartphone

Shooting time relapse videos is a best approach to constraint a hypnotizing beauty of delayed relocating things around us that a eyes (or patience) can’t keep adult with. Thanks to low support rate and high video speed, we can make epic videos of lush flowers, sunset, relocating clouds and many other pleasing scenes.

Interestingly, we don’t need a high-end camera to record time relapse videos, your smartphone and a good time relapse app is enough. Below we have listed 5 of a best time relapse apps for Android and iOS.

Time Lapse Camera (Android)

This is a rather new time relapse app on a Google Play Store, though it does an extraordinary pursuit of recording time relapse videos for free. It has dual modes, Photo Lapse, and Video Lapse.

time relapse camera for androidtime relapse camera for android
Photo Lapse

In Photo Lapse, a app fundamentally takes a print after a tangible interlude and stitches them together to emanate a video. This is customarily improved for solemnly changing scenes, such as lush flower or sunset. For Photo Lapse, there is no extent on extent video duration.

Video Lapse

In Video Lapse (a.k.a hyperlapse), a app continuously annals video during slower support rate while stabilizing it. The camera needs to be invariably relocating to emanate a tracking time relapse shot.

It’s best for roaming around opposite places and display your commentary in a high-speed time relapse video. There is a max 24-hour extent on Video Lapse, that is utterly prolonged actually.

Furthermore, we can add audio to your time relapse videos, use peep (if needed), and watch best time relapse videos combined by other users. Overall Time Lapse Camera offers a good multiple of control and absolute facilities for free.

Although, a developer did discuss that “At a impulse it’s totally free”, so we theory it might get a cost tab or ads later.

  • Both print and video time relapse supported.
  • Control over support rate.
  • Unlimited time relapse video recording.
  • Add audio to your videos.
  • Won’t concede we to import your possess videos.
  • Requires elementary believe of support rate management.

Hyperlapse by Instagram (iOS)

Probably a best hyperlapse video recording app for iOS. Hyperlapse from Instagram earns bragging rights for a extraordinary stabilization capability. The app is able of recording well-spoken time relapse videos even if we are biking or running. You can record day prolonged time relapse videos, either it’s nightfall or your travel by a bustling city.

Hyperlapse by Instagram for iOsHyperlapse by Instagram for iOs

The app can speed adult your time relapse videos adult to 12x times and gives we full control over support rate. Depending on a theme we can increase or diminution support rate to get a ideal result but regulating any additional storage space.

And no matter a support rate speed, you’ll still get a quick and well-spoken time relapse video.

  • Can stabilise even a bumpiest of videos.
  • Offers control over support rate.
  • 24-hour recording capacity.
  • Up to 12x speed support.
  • Can’t import videos.
  • Can’t supplement effects or filters.

Microsoft HyperLapse Mobile (Android)

Microsoft offers a absolute hyperlapse app that is elementary and feature-rich. You can both import existent videos from your phone storage or Google Photos, or record a new time relapse video right from a app.

Microsoft HyperLapse Mobile for AndroidMicrosoft HyperLapse Mobile for Android

Amazingly, it allows we to speed adult videos adult to 32x times a strange speed, and we can save a video in 720p or 1080p resolution.

The app itself is unequivocally easy to use and does many of a work automatically. You usually need to worry about a video speed, and might be some outlay options. Furthermore, it also stabilizes videos with good precision. You can even use it usually as a video stabilizer by gripping video speed during 1x (i.e. strange speed).

Microsoft HyperLapse MobileMicrosoft HyperLapse Mobile

As it is a hyperlapse app, it is only good for brief videos, that is because there is a 20 min reduction on extent video length.

Additionally, as frame rates are managed by a app, a distance of a video will be extremely large as well. It should also be remarkable that a app adds a watermark during a finish of any video but a built-in approach to mislay it.

  • Up to 32x times video speed.
  • Export to SD label support.
  • Simple to use.
  • Save video in 720p or 1080p.
  • Both importing and recording supported.
  • Doesn’t give control over support rate.
  • Can’t supplement effects to videos.
  • There is a extent to video duration.
  • Adds watermark during a finish of a videos.

Time Lapse Camera Video (Android)

Another new time relapse app in a market, Time Lapse Camera Video is a highly customizable app with arguable features. It supports both picture and video time relapse but any reduction on extent video length.

Time Lapse Camera  Video for AndroidTime Lapse Camera  Video for Android

Best of all, it supports scheduling of recording, creation it ideal for time supportive scenarios, such as night lights.

The app gives we full control over both a recording support rate and a playback support rate. Even if a recording support rate is too quick for a video, we can after delayed down a playback support rate and get a improved video.

Additionally, while recording we can check it in box there is zero special to record. It should be remarkable that distinct other apps in this list, this app contains ads and there is no in-app squeeze to mislay ads.

  • Both picture and video time relapse support.
  • No reduction on video length.
  • Schedule recording.
  • Control playback support rate.
  • Low storage notification.
  • Delay recordings.
  • Customizable resolution.
  • A bit difficult to use, might not work best in beginner hands.
  • Can’t directly save video to SD card

iMotion (iOS)

A extensive time relapse app for iOS that lets we fire both time relapse and stop-motion videos. You can control support rate with extent 10fps allowed, record videos in 720p and 1080p resolution, and control playback support rate to emanate a ideal video.

iMotion for iOSiMotion for iOS

On tip of that, it also lets we play a time relapse videos in reverse, that should make things interesting, for example, a nightfall can be shown as a sunrise.

Furthermore, it works with Apple watch and lets we preview and control a video on a watch. The recording can be voice activated or even remotely started regulating a messenger app. And, there is no reduction on video length, creation it perfect for both time relapse and hyperlapse.

Once we have a video, we can add opposite effects to it, adjust white change and use filters to make a video even better. we should also discuss that it is one of a few apps that automobile saves videos while recording. Unfortunately, some of a facilities are usually accessible in a full chronicle costing $3.99.

  • Control resolution.
  • Adjust both support rate and playback rate.
  • Reverse playback support.
  • Apple Watch support.
  • Add effects to videos.
  • Autosave videos.
  • No extent on video length.
  • Some facilities are usually accessible in a paid version.

More Apps:

  • Lapse It – Capture photos with full sensor and emanate time relapse from both uploaded videos and new videos. [Download: Android | iOS]
  • Timelapse by Trila.Droid – Create time relapse and hyperlapse during 3 tradition speeds. [Download: Android]
  • PicPac Stop Motion TimeLapse – Time relapse and hyperlapse app with sound activation support. [Download: Android]
  • Time Lapse by Sukros – Create Time Lapse videos during 4k fortitude on upheld devices. [Download: Android]
  • TimeLapse – Shoot time relapse videos during 4k fortitude and time relapse photos in RAW format. [Download: iOS]
  • OSnap! – A underline abounding time relapse apps with tradition settings for hyperlapse and daily portraits. [Download: iOS]
  • Framelapse – A extensive time relapse app with a built in time relapse calculator. [Download: Android]
  • EasyLapse – Another good choice for recording time relapse videos and emanate time relapse from existent videos. [Download: Android]
  • iTimeLapse Pro – A paid time relapse apps with some-more concentration on collection for modifying your time relapse videos once shot. [Download: iOS]

To sum up

These apps should be adequate to assistance we make time relapse and hyperlapse videos. If we are meddlesome in hyperlapse videos, afterwards go for a charity from Microsoft or Instagram. They both are really easy to use and offer extraordinary fortitude while moving.

Although an all-in-one offer like Time Lapse Camera is also a improved option if we like holding control over your videos.

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