Best Smartphone Games To Put Your Brain To Test

I am a fan of blood shedding MMORPGs. But whenever we need some light and fun party to oil my mind gears, we play mind games (sometimes for weeks in a row).

If we are underneath a brain-gain spell these days, afterwards we have customarily a right collection for you. Here are 20 mind-boggling games that will certainly put your mind to test. we have privately played many of these games, or during slightest seen my friends remove their reason over them. Let’s take a look.

1. Unblock Me FREE

Unblock Me FREEUnblock Me FREE

Starting with my favorite puzzle, Unblock Me is a jigsaw character logic-based puzzle diversion where we need to pierce wooden blocks to transparent trail for a red block. The idea is to transparent a trail while using slightest moves and earning stars accordingly.

Moreover, there are over 16000 puzzles with varying difficulty to keep we busy.

Download on Android | iOS

2. Real Chess

Real ChessReal Chess

Chess has been ripping smarts for over 14 centuries, and this practical various of chess unequivocally brings a new ambience to a table. Real Chess is a 3D practical chess that lets we play with users from all around a world.

You can discuss with opponents, play with AI, get newbie tips and many more. The animations and 3D structures are unequivocally cold as well.

Download on Android

3. Juice Cubes

Juice CubesJuice Cubes

Juice Cubes is a light and colorful diversion full of fruity extract cubes that we need to bond to cocktail and transparent levels. There are mixed forms of challenges, powerups, and over 550+ levels to keep we addicted.

It competence seem easy during a start, though it will detonate your mind when we strech aloft levels. we am now stranded during turn 218 and substantially giving up.

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4. Where’s My Water?

Where's My Water?Where's My Water?

A unequivocally fun diversion by Disney formed on genuine physics where we need to beam H2O by a damaged showering and save as many H2O as we can. There are mixed forms of liquids such as ooze, unwashed water, and poisonous H2O with any carrying a possess physics and effects.

The diversion requires steady hands, discerning reactions, and strategy that will certainly plea your skills. Unfortunately, a diversion is singular to 15 levels only, we can get a full chronicle for Android and iOS for $1.99.

Download on Android | iOS

5. Brain Dots

Brain DotsBrain Dots

The customizability is what unequivocally captivated me many about this game. In Brain Dots, we fundamentally need to bump dual dots in a turn by sketch opposite shapes regulating a coop and carrying a turn further. You can literally pull any figure we like as prolonged as it could take we to your objective.

Stages have their possess perks and structures to make them engaging and of course, formidable as hell.

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6. Tricky Test 2

Tricky Test 2Tricky Test 2

An engaging trivia diversion where you are asked elementary questions with easier answers, though customarily it takes some conduct banging to answer them. Most of a questions are pretence questions with answers that are right in front of we though we will still give up.

There are over 100 questions and some-more are combined frequently.

Download on Android | iOS

7. Lyfoes


Lyfoes is fundamentally an alternative chronicle of solitaire where a manners are same, though all else is changed. You need to organisation together same tone lovable creatures called Lyfoes in beakers. As a series of beakers and Lyfoes increase, things can get unequivocally difficult.

Download on Android

8. Lumosity


This has over 30 brain-teasing games to plea your speed, memory, attention, flexibility, and problem-solving skills. The games are combined by a group of scientists and designers operative with 40+ university researchers to stimulate cognitively.

Download on Android | iOS

9. Number Knot

Number KnotNumber Knot

This is indeed a game of Hidoku where we theory numbers on a grid formed on few suggested numbers. However, as distant as we could remember this diversion was ostensible to censor numbers in plane and straight lines, though Number Knot indeed hides them in pointless directions including diagonal.

In elementary words, this will cocktail your mind in customarily a few mins if we brave to go above 6 grids. Definitely a try for people who like challenges.

Download on Android

10. Hidden Objects Mansion

Hidden Objects MansionHidden Objects Mansion

A good dim objects game with HD graphics and genuine indoor environments. You have to find objects in a disorderly mansion with any turn carrying over 100 objects to find. Unfortunately, there is no tract in this game, we simply pass levels and things customarily get formidable with any level.

There are also jigsaw puzzles to keep things interesting.

Download on Android

11. Flow Free

Flow FreeFlow Free

It’s a color relating diversion where we need to compare colors to build pipes. The problem is that we need to make certain no pipes overlie any other or they will break. It competence seem child’s play during first, though things turn unequivocally tough as a levels pass. The graphics aren’t a many beautiful, though we favourite a sounds when we interact.

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12. Reversi Free

Reversi FreeReversi Free

A good practical various of a renouned house diversion reversi. It is played with dim and light discs, where we need to flip discs in your actor color (dark or light) as many as possible. It takes a bit time to entirely know a game, though identical to chess it can be quite addictive and mentally punishing.

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13. Shadowmatic

Shadowmatic is like personification shade puppets with your hands. The diversion has absolutely pleasing graphics and environment where we need to mix collection to emanate a shade puppet identical to objects in a environment. Utter beauty competence be a reason we wanna play this game, though a diversion itself can be utterly challenging.

Download on Android | iOS

14. Mind Games

Mind GamesMind Games

These are a garland of games catered to urge opposite abilities of your brain. There are over 35 games to plea your brain, including beat-the-time quizzes, memorizing games, word games, math problems, trivia, wording games, and many more.

All a games measure can be organised in one place and your strengths and weaknesses can be evaluated there.

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15. Hitman GO

Inspired by a renouned Hitman franchise, Hitman Go follows a same assassination thesis though in a grid character puzzle instead. The idea is same, we need to murder your enemies regulating opposite strategy and pierce forward.

The moves are singular to a grid and we need to solve opposite puzzles to pierce forward. Similar to a tangible Hitman game, we can possibly go all berserk and kill all a enemies in your trail or silently trip by enemies and strech your goal.

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16. The Room Three

The Room ThreeThe Room Three

One of a many pleasing games we can find on your smartphone, The Room Three is a physical nonplus diversion where we need to solve genuine objects puzzle in a room to pierce forward. The diversion has extraordinary graphics with monumental environments and music that creates a puzzles unequivocally dramatic to solve.

You need to open locks, solve riddles, spin dials, compare shapes, make guesses and some-more to solve a puzzles. The diversion will certainly plea your problem-solving skills to a max.

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17. Brain It On!

Brain It On! Is a highly addictive physics-based game that hurdles your problem-solving skills and creativity. Similar to Brain Dots, we need to pull shapes and lines to solve puzzles. However, distinct Brain Dots where we have a singular intent of fasten dual dots, here we need to finish opposite physics-based tasks.

For example, we need to lift an intent or supplement H2O in a potion customarily with your sketch skills.

Download on Android | iOS

18. WordBrain 2

WordBrain 2WordBrain 2

A unequivocally fun word game where we need to theory difference formed on a series of letters provided. Each word nonplus has a theme category, such as food, tellurian body, color, or even space.

And we can also use hints to solve a level when we get stuck. Your wording is certain to be challenged in this fun word game.

Download on Android | iOS

19. Puzzlerama


Puzzlerama fundamentally joins some of a tip puzzles in one singular app, creation it a ideal app for nonplus lovers. It lets we play renouned nonplus games such as flow, jigsaw, unblock, pipes, tangram, and more. There are hundreds of levels accessible for any nonplus form and things get unequivocally tough as we advance.

The diversion interface is also unequivocally colorful, and well-spoken animations make a diversion fun to play.

Download on Android

20. Cut a Rope: Time Travel

A elementary nonetheless mind rambling game, a idea in Cut a Rope is simple, we need to move candy to Om Nom (a lovable creature) by cutting ropes of a candy. Simple as it might sound, things can get unequivocally tough when we need to hedge traps, enemies, and solve physics-based puzzles to make a candy drop in Om Nom’s mouth.

Cut a Rope has many sequels all value trying, and this Time Travel chronicle comes with a story and destiny thesis with new traps, tools, and dual Om Noms to feed in any round. Overall graphics and sounds are unequivocally cool as well, creation it a good mind teaser that also keeps we fresh.

Download on Android | iOS

Time to put on your meditative cap

All these smarts games are certain to give we a heck of a challenge, and many of them have extraordinary graphics and tract to keep we entrance for more. Although do keep in mind that like any other game, a starting levels will be unequivocally easy to kick to assistance we get a crux of a game. The genuine plea kicks in when we have beaten during slightest a dozen or dual levels.

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