Best Offline GPS Map Apps for Android & iOS [2017]

GPS Maps and navigations apps have totally altered a proceed we travel these days. You can have entrance to turn-by-turn navigation, finish trade update, the best lane to a destination, hotels nearby and many other forms of handy highway information, all in a palm of your hand.

However, roughly all of these apps need an internet connection to offer their services, and internet is a oppulance that isn’t accessible everywhere.

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If we wish to be guided in an area though an internet connection or if we have singular information plan, afterwards we should get a maps app that supports offline maps. And today, we will deliver we to 8 of a best offline map apps, for both Android and iOS platforms, that’ll be a good assistance when a internet quits on you.

1. HERE WeGo

HERE WeGo is one of a many renouned offline maps apps that has arguable online and offline features. It lets we download a finish map of a whole nation with support for over 100 countries. The offline maps have full turn-by-turn voice navigation support with details on any aspect of a area.

The app focuses on assisting we with your invert by automatically suggesting movement options as good as get a cheapest deals on open transits and car-sharing.

here wegohere wego

I am certain we will adore it’s dedicated superintendence formed on a movement method we are using, such as how hilly a lane is if we are on a bike or offer step-by-step navigation when we are on foot.

Download app for Android | iOS

Price: Free

2. GPS Navigation Maps Sygic

This app by Sygic is famous for a 3D offline maps that offer good details though any information charges. 3D maps minimize a chances of going into a wrong street, and a maps and sum come from TomTom, that is famous for a accurate superintendence and trade details.

gps navigation appsgps navigation apps

The app offers accurate turn-by-turn navigation for offline areas. Some of a other facilities embody dashcam access, speed camera warnings, parking suggestions, energetic line guidance, and a cool Head-up Display feature that lets we see a map sum on your car’s windscreen.

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Price: Free/ offers in-app purchases starting from $8.99

3. Google Maps

Google Maps is really a most famous and sought-after maps app and comes by default for many Android phones. It also includes an offline navigation feature, that, however, is a bit singular as compared to many of a other apps in this list.

You are usually authorised to save an offline area of 120,000 block kilometers. Even yet we can save mixed areas, though this reduction might impact many general travelers.

google mapsgoogle maps

The categorical reason because Google beats each other app is a extensive information on maps of over 220 countries, where others frequency support over 100 countries. Like many other apps, Google Maps does a good pursuit of display places of interest, charity recommendation on movement mean, 3D maps and most more.

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Price: Free

4. CoPilot GPS – Navigation

CoPilot is one of a coolest apps dedicated to drivers, and all of a facilities are there to help automobile drivers in optimal driving. It allows we to download a map of a specific segment or a nation with finish sum of POIs and turn-by-turn voice navigation.

It has built-in absolute lane formulation feature as good as an “ActiveTraffic” underline that automatically manages your invert formed on real-time trade conditions without your primer intervention.

co pilotco pilot

Unfortunately, most of CoPilot facilities are sealed behind a paywall with a 7-day giveaway trial. You will usually get giveaway offline navigation for a singular region, however, more regions can be downloaded as in-app purchases. Some modernized facilities like ActiveTraffic also need an in-app purchase.

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Price: Free/ in-app purchases starting from $0.99


MAPS.ME takes a rather simple proceed of charity navigation and usually offers a essential features. Although a offline maps underline is utterly arguable and lets we download any series of maps of countries and regions for free.

It uses OpenStreetMaps for fetching information and updates a app as a OpenStreenMaps information is updated by a million of users.


It also compresses downloaded maps to safeguard it takes reduction space and a app itself is utterly light. Although POI information and trade information are included, though it isn’t as modernized or reliable as some of a other dedicated map apps.

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Price: Free

6. Offline Maps Navigation

Indicated by a name, Offline Maps Navigation is combined to work offline regulating a phone’s GPS. You usually need to download a maps once and rest is rubbed by this app. It offers turn-by-turn voice navigation, involuntary map updates, fixed speed camera warnings, 3D view, POI data and finish lane recording.

offline map offline map

It also has a handy night and day mode that changes app thesis to fit day and night timings. If we usually need a navigation app for offline use, afterwards Offline Maps Navigation is a good option.

Download app for: Android

Price: Free/ modernized facilities accessible as in-app purchases

7. Polaris GPS Navigation

This app is specifically combined for off-road daredevils who’re always on an adventure. Whether we are a hiker, sailor, hunter, camper, biker or concerned in any other outside activity, Polaris GPS Navigation is your best friend. It offers offline GPS navigation to many off-road areas with accessible collection that will assistance we in a wild.

polaris navigationpolaris navigation

It has a built-in captivating compass, odometer, altimeter, speedometer, chronometer, mixed GPS tools, waypoint navigator, assessment collection and dozens of other collection to assistance we in your outside adventures. we was also vacant by dozens of central resources it uses to offer guidance, such as Google Maps, hiking maps, and NOAA Marine Charts, etc.

Download app for: Android

Price: Free

8. MapOut

MapOut is a highly customizable maps app for iOS that gives we full control over your maps. You can pull on a maps and emanate your possess waypoints to follow. You can also download maps of finish regions and navigate places, streets and even plateau offline in both 2D and 3D views.

map outmap out

MapOut is mainly combined for adventurers who like to take matters into their possess hands. It can also do a arguable pursuit of charity on-road navigation if required. Some of a facilities include, track recording, topological maps, lean formed 3D view, OpenGL accelerated map digest and more.

Download app for iOS

Price: $4.95

A discerning roundup

I personally use Google Maps for offline navigation, interjection to a arguable immeasurable information on locations. Although, if we are an general traveler who depends on offline maps, afterwards HERE WeGo and Sygic Maps would work improved for you. we will also suggest we to check out Offline GPS Navigation app if we need something that completely focuses on offline navigation.

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