Best Alternatives to Windows 10 Built-in Tools

Did we know there are many some-more absolute third-party alternatives for many of a Windows built-in tools? Windows search, start menu, notepad, media tools, uninstaller, and many other built-in collection have alternatives that offer some-more customization options, some-more features, and altogether some-more energy that you’ll certainly like.

Here is a list of 12 of a many ordinarily used Windows built-in tools. All of these alternatives are totally giveaway to use, so there is no forgive for not perplexing them.


Alternative for Windows Task Manager

I privately like Anvir charge manager for a heavy importance on security. Its interface might set we behind to Windows XP days, though it’s many some-more absolute than Windows Task Manager.

Anvir has a smart routine function showing system that lets we that processes are protected and that entail a risk. It lists all a processes and programs that start with Windows and gives we full control of what to do with them. And when we are in doubt, it gives an easy choice to check roughly any form of record with VirusTotal.



Alternative for Notepad

If Windows built-in content editor is too elementary for you, afterwards we need a beefed-up open-source content editor Notepad++. It’s one of a best content editors and comes with a engorgement of facilities for essay code.

It uses pristine Win32 API and STL for a fastest execution speed along with smaller sized files. It has support for dozens of coding languages including, JavaScript, C++, Python and more.

If we usually wish to emanate some notes, afterwards a Windows built-in Notepad is enough. However, if we are a coder or wish some-more from your content editor, afterwards Notepad++ is a ultimate solution.



Alternative for Cortana

People who use Cortana find it to be useful though a bit delayed and a rather stalky. There are many third-party hunt collection available, (interlink my Windows hunt alternatives essay here when it’s published) but we find Listary to be a best choice for Cortana (as distant as a hunt underline is concerned).

As shortly as Listary is installed, we can simply start typing anywhere and it will automatically start providing accurate results. A elementary double-tap on a Ctrl pivotal will let we search by commissioned apps and Windows functions.

Best of all, the formula are immediate and module itself is unequivocally light. Smart learning, discerning commands, story and gesticulate support are usually a tip of a iceberg that Listary has to offer. Do keep in mind that it is usually giveaway for home use. For blurb use, we will have to buy a license.


IObit uninstaller

Alternative for local uninstaller

Windows built-in uninstaller only uninstalls a module from a directory. The module registry entries, app data, and other junk files still stay in your PC and waste space or even emanate errors. A third-party uninstaller tool will do a many improved pursuit of cleaning and might offer other accessible features.

I like IObit uninstaller for this purpose as it does a good pursuit of cleaning roughly all and it’s light on a resources. Furthermore, it has support for bulk uninstallation and it automatically answers many of a common dialogs combined while uninstallation.

iobit installeriobit installer

Defragmentation apparatus alternatives

Windows built-in defragmentation apparatus does a arguable job, though it doesn’t yield many control and feels a bit lacking in features. we will suggest we to check out both Defraggler and Smart Defrag by IObit.


Defraggler is a some-more to-the-point apparatus that offers accessible facilities to investigate and defrag your tough drive.

It has mixed defrag modes and it can away defrag files and folders. Additionally, we can also defrag giveaway space.

Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag offers a bit some-more control than Defraggler with dedicated defragmentation collection for games, Windows apps, and mixed foot time defragmentation options. Although, Smart Defrag installer is also bundled with adware and its interface might seem a bit strenuous to some people.

I privately use Smart Defrag for a extended foot time defragmentation options.


OO RegEditor

Alternative for Windows Registry Editor

If we dwell on Windows Registry often, afterwards we contingency try out OO RegEditor. It has a identical interface as a Windows Registry Editor (in fact some-more polished), though it has additional palliate of entrance features that any registry insane will love.

It has a energy hunt bar to fast find any entry, lets we easily copy/paste entries, keeps a record of changes and lets we trade a record as an XML file.


Alternative for Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall is a reliable internet reserve solution, though if we are one of those users who like a best confidence for themselves; afterwards we should get a third-party firewall tool. There are a few good ones, (interlink my essay Windows firewall examination here) though I’ll suggest ZoneAlarm Free Firewall.

It’s highly customizable and scans both inbound and outbound connections. It also has dedicated focus function control collection to keep brute apps during bay, and comes with Wi-Fi protection as well. Overall, it offers many some-more confidence than a Windows built-in firewall.



Alternative for Windows Disk Cleanup

Windows Disk Cleanup is a unequivocally elementary cleaning tool. You should get a eminent CCleaner that does a way improved pursuit of cleaning and comes with additional collection as well.

It cleans both Windows and browsers junk and gives we full control over what we wish to delete. Additionally, we can use a transcribe cleaner, hoop analyzer, startup manager, and some-more cleaning collection to keep your PC tidy.



Alternative for Windows Media Player

Whether we use Windows Media Player or Windows 10 default media app, both are unequivocally limited in facilities and codec support. The open source VLC media actor is astonishingly absolute and supports roughly any form of media file.

It offers full control over video, audio, subtitles, volume and other aspects of a media file. Furthermore, it has hundreds of plugins to serve extended a capabilities.

vlc mediavlc media

Classic Shell

Alternative for Start Menu

Windows 10 Start Menu is utterly good in itself, though if we are still in adore with a Windows 7 Start Menu (I know we am), afterwards we got a ideal alternative. Classic Shell lets we completely switch a Windows 10 Start Menu with a Classic menu or an accurate duplicate of Windows 7 Start Menu.

classic shellclassic shell

The Start Menu functions ideally with smooth transitions and entrance to all a features. You can also change skins, add/remove functions, use tradition start menu idol and even use mixed Start Menus during a same time.

classic shell2classic shell2


Alternative for File Compressor

Windows has a built-in compressor and decompressor apparatus to restrict mixed files in a folder to decrease a distance and make it easy to share it. However, this is usually what it is able of. Any critical user should switch to 7-Zip as shortly as possible. 7-Zip offers more customization options and repository formats.

It’s also some-more secure and lets we encrypt your dense folders with 256-bit AES encryption. Additionally, we have full control over how we wish to restrict a files, such as a ability to customize application method, application level, and CPU threads, etc.



Alternative for Disk Analyzer

Windows 10 came with a storage analyzer to see what is holding adult all a space on your drives. Unfortunately, it is unequivocally singular and won’t make it easy to get a full design of what is holding space on your tough drive.

There are many hoop analyzer collection (Interlink my essay best hoop space analyzer tools), though we swear by WinDirStat for a elementary interface and endless information about data. It creates a color-coded office tree that lets we fast see all a data and what is holding many of a space.

I also adore how it lets we try a files right inside a interface and make changes as required. A unequivocally handy apparatus to both perspective and conduct information to save space.



These were some of a best alternatives to common Windows 10 programs. It should be kept in mind that all of these collection also work ideally excellent on other versions of Windows, including Windows 8 and Windows 7.

I am privately regulating many of these tools, and they unequivocally make it easy for me to complete many of a Windows tasks optimally. If there is any other good deputy for Windows built-in tools, do let us know in a comments.

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