Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up Email with Zohomail

If we run a tiny or middle business, an email use with tradition domain can be flattering useful in streamlining coordination with your team. There was a time when we could get giveaway email use from Google Apps or with tradition domain. However, subscribing to paid versions of these email services competence be too expensive.

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Fortunately, there is still one provider that offers free email use with tradition domain, and a series of useful facilities i.e., Zoho Mail. In this article, we are going to guide we by opposite aspects of Zoho Mail and how to incorporate them. So, let’s take a demeanour during a following.

Why use a cloud email provider

You competence be wondering because we should use another email use while your web hosting also provides email service. There are several reasons because we should use email provider, especially cloud / SaaS service, like Zoho Mail instead of a one that your web hosting provides.

  • Better trustworthiness and availability. Cloud email providers are used by many organizations and are more arguable than email server that your web hosting provides
  • More Inbox space per user. If we use email use from your web hosting provider, a inbox will be usually a partial of sum hoop space that they provide. If we have 10 GB hoop space on a server and we already use 5GB for your website, database and essence afterwards we can usually use 5GB space for a whole company. With Zohomail we can give 5GB of inbox space to any user.
  • Collaboration apps. It’s not usually email, we can also use Zoho Docs and CRM and a lot of Zoho apps for partnership inside your company.
  • Additional users by referrals. By default we can get 10 user accounts in Zoho Mail, however, if someone registers to Zoho Mail from your referral, we can get up to 15 additional accounts for 3 referrals.

Registering Zoho Mail

  1. Open Zoho Mail, and click on Get Started Now
  2. Choose Sign Up on a FREE package of Zoho Mail
  3. Enter your domain name and click Add Domain. If we have no domain nonetheless we can also buy domain around Zoho Mail.
  4. Input your sum on this page. Your Zoho Mail ID will be your director account. After stuffing adult this form, click Sign Up
  5. Your Zoho Mail comment is roughly ready. Now it’s time to determine domain ownership. Click on Proceed to determine domain ownership
  6. Zoho Mail will give horde name that we have to create as alias of
  7. Below is a representation of alias / CNAME origination on Namecheap DNS panel.
  8. After formulating alias / CNAME on your DNS panel, we can click Verify, and Proceed

Setting adult Zoho Mail

After registering Zoho Mail comment for your domain and determine domain ownership, now it’s time to setup your account.

  1. Create your initial comment underneath your domain name. This is also your director for your account.
  2. You can add users in this step if we already have users.
  3. Groups are useful for general address like or, this will make certain that email that prospects or business send is always review by someone in your team. You can emanate groups in this page, however, in this article, I’ll skip this step.
  4. Mail Exchange Record or MX Record is a DNS value that informs mail servers who is obliged for doing your email. In this page, we will see a MX entrance that we should emanate for your domain. The hostname should be @ that means and not your subdomain. You competence not be means to change a priority to 10 and 20. It is ok to use another number, like 1 and 5 or 5 and 10 as prolonged as a priority series for is smaller than
  5. Below is representation of MX entrance on Namecheap DNS panel
  6. You can migrate your email from your web hosting provider to Zoho Mail. we can use POP or IMAP to quit emails from your aged mail server to Zohomail. As suggested by Zoho Mail it’s improved to quit a email after changing MX records.
  7. On this page, we can see links to tutorials for mail customer configuration. If we cite to use a desktop mail client, we can follow a primer for your mail client.
  8. Through this page, you can setup entrance from your mobile device. However, in this essay we’ll skip this step.
  9. For a final step, we can click Proceed to Access Zoho Mail

SPF record configuration

Sender Policy Framework or SPF is a DNS content record compared with domain to brand a servers accessible to send emails for a sold domain. The target uses SPF record to verify that it’s a accessible server that sends emails to them.

For Zoho Mail we can emanate new TXT entrance for your domain with entrance below:

v=spf1 mx ~all

Below is a screenshot of TXT record for SPF record.


DKIM configuration

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is an email validation systems that was designed to forestall spoofing. The target will check for DNS entrance that contains open key. Using this open pivotal a target can determine that a message, including a attachment, is not mutated during transport. We can use DKIM on Zoho Mail, and in a following we will uncover we how to govern a setup.

  1. From your mail dashboard we can name Control Panel Mail Docs.
  2. Choose Org Settings underneath Mail Administration, and afterwards name DomainKeys Tab.
  3. Input TXT record name, regulating a singular name to brand Zoho Mail, like zoho or zohomail (I’m regulating zohomail here). Click Generate new record to generate new TXT value.
  4. With a new TXT value created, we can now emanate new DNS record with form TXT record.
  5. Below is a representation of DNS entrance on Namecheap DNS panel.
  6. After formulating new DNS annals we can click on Start authentication button. Once authentication is successful, a symbol will change to Stop authentication

Accessing Zoho Mail regulating tradition URL

You can entrance Zoho Mail from or we can usually open and click Sign In on tip right of a page. However, to make it easier for your users to entrance Zoho Mail web, we can create tradition URL for a pointer in page e.g: or instead of a prolonged URL above.

What we need is to emanate an alias or CNAME for your tradition URL to Below is a screenshot of CNAME origination on Namecheap domain management.


Setting Two Factor Authentication

To urge a confidence of your email account, we can occupy Two Factor Authentication or TFA, to have an additional confidence method beside a password. Even if someone knows your cue they can't login to your comment as prolonged as they have no entrance to a TFA device.

The following is an reason on how to set adult a TFA for your Zoho Mail account.

  1. Click your avatar on tip right, and name My Account
  2. Click Set Up to Protect Now
  3. Choose Google Authenticator, click Next
  4. You can indicate a QR formula presented by Zoho Mail with a assistance of Google Authenticator. It’s accessible for Android on Google PlayStore, for iOS device on iTunes as good as for Blackberry. You competence also need a barcode scanner. For Android, we use a one suggested by a Google Authenticator Barcode Scanner by ZXing Team
  5. Here, we will also be shown how to emanate MFA device regulating Android smartphone. Open a Barcode Scanner so we can indicate QR formula that Zoho Mail has provided.
  6. I have two authenticator apps on my phone so we get this shade to name between Google Authenticator and Duo Mobile. For this, I’ll name Google Authenticator.
  7. You will accept a acknowledgment to save a pivotal for your account. Tap OK
  8. If we just started regulating Google Authenticator, it will usually uncover one account. Since we have mixed accounts regulating this software, it will be a last one of a list. The series shown here is a verification formula that we have to enter in a subsequent step. Input a corroboration formula and click Verify. If we are regulating your possess mechanism we can also click Trusted Browsers so we won’t be asked again for TFA. , and afterwards click Verify
  9. Input your stream password, and click Turn On
  10. TFA setup is roughly complete. Now we need to verify a phone number. This step is optional, though.
  11. Input your phone number, and click Send code. Zoho Mail will send we a text summary containing a corroboration code.
  12. Input a corroboration formula that Zoho Mail has sent, and click Verify
  13. You will have a Backup corroboration codes.
  14. You can save these codes as content or get them printed. You can use these backup codes as authenticators, if we mislay your phone.
  15. In box we are regulating Two Factor Authentication, we need to emanate application-specific passwords for any application that we use to entrance Zoho Mail, including your desktop mail client. To do sp, click Continue on this step.
  16. Two Factor Authentication pattern is finished. You can click Show my preferences to go to your preferences page.
  17. On Preferences page we can see your Backup Verification Codes, environment adult Application Specific Passwords, as good as your stream Trusted Browser.

Setting application-specific passwords

As we mentioned earlier, if we are regulating TFA on your account, we need to generate focus specific passwords for any focus that we use to entrance Zoho Mail. In a following stairs we’ll learn how to govern it.

  1. Click Manage Application Specific Passwords
  2. Input a name for this application specific passwords and also your stream password
  3. A new application specific cue will be generated by Zoho Mail. You can usually see this once, so make certain we keep a cue saved.
  4. On a right bottom, we can click Show generated password link. You can see a list of focus specific cue from here and also mislay a cue if necessarry.

Manage devoted browsers

  1. From, name Security, name Two Factor Authentication and click Manage Trusted Browsers
  2. On this page, we can see a list of browsers that we trust. Here we can only mislay a specific browser.

Testing email sending

Once we finish all a prior steps, your Zoho Mail comment is prepared to use. Now we can test your new Zoho Mail comment by promulgation a exam email. In a following instance have sent a representation email to my gmail account. The email was successfully perceived by my gmail account.


Now let’s check a SPF and DKIM settings. Click on a downface triangle beside a respond button, selecting Show Original.


You can see here that Google has shown your SPF and DKIM configuration.



In this ominous article, we have attempted to uncover we how to register new Zoho Mail, setup Zohomail MX, SPF and DKIM, emanate tradition URL to entrance Zoho Mail, configure Two Factor Authentication, as good as exam email promulgation from Zoho Mail.

Now we can put your email residence with your possess domain confidently, and promulgate seamlessly with your clients or team.

Editor’s note: This post is created by Muhammad Panji for Muhammad is a complement operative specializing in Linux, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing. He plays with new record in his gangling time, and maintains a blog about record in Indonesian language. You can find him on Twitter.

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