Android Studio 3.0 – Everything You Need to Know

Being an Android developer, we straightforwardly design new and innovative facilities from Google to assistance developers like me create and exam apps easily than ever and Android Studio 3.0 is no different. First announced in a Google I/O 2017, Android 3.0 is charity support for Kotlin along with a series of other features.

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If we can’t wait to try out a new features, afterwards download Android Studio 3.0 Preview and suffer trialing it. Meanwhile let me travel we by a integrity of Android Studio 3.0 — a new Android IDE.

Android Oreo support

Android Studio 3.0 adds support for essay apps for Android 8.0 Oreo including a new facilities upheld in Oreo. Using this new IDE, we can simply emanate adaptive launcher icons, and supplement new forms of fonts in your apps.

Android Studio 3.0 supports Android 8.0 OreoAndroid Studio 3.0 supports Android 8.0 Oreo

Adaptive icons arrangement a accumulation of shapes on opposite devices, per opposite OEMs. You can emanate an adaptive launcher icon regulating a Adaptive Icon wizard, that we can entrance by right-clicking on /res folder and selecting New, afterwards “Image Asset“, and clicking “Launcher Icons (Adaptive and Legacy)“.

As Oreo now supports downloadable fonts, we can now supplement them in your apps to revoke a distance of your apps’ APKs. Similarly, we can also add fonts in XML format in your apps — as simply as we supplement any other apparatus file.

Base height update

Android Studio 3.0 comes with IntelliJ Platform 2017.1.2 that adds countless new facilities and improvements in a Android IDE. These improvements assistance we formula faster, and brings facilities such as parameter hints, present hunt results, new lint checks, semantic highlighting, and many more.

New facilities support

Java 8 facilities support

As developers are now removing used to Java 8 features, so has Google softened support for such denunciation facilities in Android Studio. It means we can use OpenJDK APIs like java.time, java.nio.file, and java.lang.invoke, and so we can also use libraries built regulating these APIs in your apps.

Kotlin denunciation support

Kotlin is a Java-interoperable language that reduces boilerplate code, avoids nothing pointer exceptions, and introduces countless other improvements over Java. It’s more fluent and concise in comparison to Java, and with Android Studio 3.0, now we can modify Java files to Kotlin or formula directly in Kotlin.

Android Studio 3.0 supports Kotlin languageAndroid Studio 3.0 supports Kotlin language
Instant Apps support

Instant Apps are like web apps though local apps that can use Android APIs and yield a local demeanour and feel to your app. For a finish user, it’s as easy as opening a web link; though for a developer (that’s you), it’s about modularising his app into modules called ‘feature module’ that collectively creates a ‘feature APK’.

Android Studio 3.0 supports Instant AppsAndroid Studio 3.0 supports Instant Apps

Instant Apps can run but removing installed like web apps, distinct unchanging apps. To make it work, we need to ascent your existent app to support present apps — Android Studio 3.0 provides ‘Instant App’ and ‘Feature’ modules for a same. we consider it’s an alleviation over unchanging apps; what do we think?

New and updated tools

New Android Profiler

Android Profiler is a new monitoring tool for Android that replaces a aged Android Monitor tool. It’s most softened than a aged apparatus and provides a real-time, one viewpoint of a app. You can entrance a same by opening View menu, afterwards going to “Tool Windows“, and finally selecting “Android Profiler“.

Android Studio 3.0 introduces Android ProfilerAndroid Studio 3.0 introduces Android Profiler
New APK Debugger

The all new APK Debugger in Android Studio 3.0 brings softened debugging capabilities. That being said, it lets we debug APKs if they’re debuggable — even if it’s not built from an Android Studio project, distinct before. You can entrance a apparatus by going to “File” menu and clicking “Profile or debug APK” option.

Android Studio 3.0 facilities new APK DebuggerAndroid Studio 3.0 facilities new APK Debugger
New Device File Explorer

The new Device File Explorer is a apparatus to access a connected device’s filesystem seamlessly. It allows we to view, copy, and undo files on a device, and we can also open those files in this IDE. You can entrance a record path-finder by clicking “View” menu, selecting “Tool Windows“, and clicking “Device File Explorer“.

Android Studio 3.0 facilities new Device ExplorerAndroid Studio 3.0 facilities new Device Explorer
New Android Plugin for Gradle

Android Plugin for Gradle 3.0.0 is a new, softened Gradle plugin that helps address build opening issues of a prior plugin and offers several other improvements. These embody faster pattern times, variant-aware dependency resolution, and my favorite — faster incremental builds.

Old apparatus improvements

Android Emulator features

Android Emulator bundled with Android Studio 3.0 comes with countless speed and opening improvements including support for OpenGL ES 3.0 for API turn 24 and above. Moreover, it facilities an easier approach to beget a bug news for your using app, and a quicker approach to contention emulator-related bugs.

Android Studio 3.0 brings Android Emulator improvementsAndroid Studio 3.0 brings Android Emulator improvements
Layout Editor features

Layout Editor is used to design layouts in a drag-and-drop editor, and a new Android Studio brings several improvements to this interface maker. The new facilities includes enhanced drag-and-drop viewpoint insertions, new blunder panel, support for Barriers and Groups, and softened origination of Chains.

Android Studio 3.0 brings softened Layout EditorAndroid Studio 3.0 brings softened Layout Editor
APK Analyzer features

APK Analyzer is a tool to investigate APK and know a composition after a build routine is complete. It helps in shortening record distance and debugging DEX files and resources. With Android Studio 3.0, it comes with new filtering options, softened tree view, and softened examination of Proguard-enabled APKs.

Android Studio 3.0 includes softened APK AnalyzerAndroid Studio 3.0 includes softened APK Analyzer

In sequence to use a APK Analyzer, only drag and dump an APK into a Editor window of Android Studio. Alternatively, we can switch to Project viewpoint and open an APK in a Project window. And lastly, we can also go to Build menu, name “Analyze APK” from a options, and afterwards name your APK.

Layout Inspector features

The softened Layout Inspector in this Android IDE comes with enhancements that let we easily debug blueprint issues. These embody new hunt feature, categorised properties, etc. You can entrance this investigation apparatus by going to Tools menu, selecting Android option, and afterwards clicking “Layout Inspector“.

Which facilities shall be next?

This was all about a new facilities and improvements in Android Studio 3.0. Though this list will excite many yet, some of we would still be looking for more underline updates in Android Studio. And because shouldn’t you? Android Studio is for developers like you, and we contingency have a contend in a arriving features.

Thankfully, Google does listen to developers like me and you — only conduct over to a Android Studio Project Site. Here you’ll see opposite ways to lift your voice, report bugs and advise new features — only follow a instructions there to pronounce your heart and do remember to embody all required information.

If we enjoyed reading this post or wish to share your favorite underline in Android Studio 3.0, only write a criticism next or share your thoughts with me during @aksinghnet on Twitter. I’d adore to hear from you. And, happy coding guys!

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