Add Progress Steps to Forms With This jQuery Plugin

Most of us know about progress bars and how these work in UI design. They assistance to define pageload times, upload forms, and identical durations of delay between pages.

But progress steps are a small different. These work like breadcrumbs during a tip of a page to beam users by a step-by-step routine (usually signup and checkout forms).

With jQuery Steps we can quickly supplement tradition swell stairs onto any page of your site.

jquery stairs pluginjquery stairs plugin

The whole plugin runs on jQuery and it’s expelled for giveaway on GitHub.

You can run these progress stairs as multi-page features that beam a caller by opposite pages on your site. Or we can run this like an Ajax step that moves a user through a same page with energetic form fields.

In a plugin options, you’ll find settings for changing a “start” position, footer buttons, forward/back buttons, and a whole lot more.

There are also utterly a few events we can aim with your possess tradition callback functions whenever a user advances a swell step, or whenever a user reaches a end.

All things considered, this is a sincerely new plugin so it doesn’t have a ton of options to collect from. But it’s really one of a best plugins you’ll find for formulating these tradition swell step features.

Just note: browser support is mostly singular to complicated browsers and for Microsoft browsers this has usually been tested in IE 11. If you’re looking to support comparison browsers you’ll need to do some contrast on your own, or try to build tradition fallback methods to hoop bequest users.

example jquerysteps swell uiexample jquerysteps swell ui

Certainly one of a easiest swell step plugins I’ve ever seen and it should play good with other jQuery plugins too.

Take a discerning demeanour during the homepage for a live demo along with a tradition JS options and a download symbol to lift a duplicate of a formula for yourself.

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