Add Dark Themes to Visual Studio & Atom with This UI Pack

All of a best IDEs let we customize a interface. we customarily find that dim themes work best for coding given they’re easier on a eyes.

Some programs like Sublime Text come finished with dozens of giveaway themes. But not all programs are like that that is because City Lights is such a cold project.

This is a free container of dim UI assets we can supplement into Atom or a Visual Studio Code software.

dark citylights uidark citylights ui

And with City Lights, we get some-more than usually dim syntax highlighting. There’s indeed an entire library of giveaway resources we can use to customize your IDE. These can embody tradition icons and even full GUI themes for a whole interface.

Atom offers a lot some-more control over a UI so there’s some-more to do with that program. In fact, City Lights offers a container of 60 singular icons we can supplement to Atom for a some-more visible workflow.

With Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code you’ll usually get a City Lights syntax highlighter. But it’s one of a improved themes I’ve seen for coding and it’s ideal for web developers of all backgrounds.

Have a demeanour during a VSC repo for some-more info. You can also lift this directly from the terminal if you’d like to download a duplicate true to your computer.

Each of a Atom freebies come with their possess GitHub repos:

city lights syntax colorscity lights syntax colors

If you’re a energy user on possibly of these IDEs afterwards you’ll adore City Lights.

The whole container is giveaway forever and competence even support other IDEs in a nearby future.

Plus all these resources are confirmed by a artistic group Yummygum so it’s positively in good hands. If we have suggestions or questions about City Lights we can also twitter a group @yummygum.

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