A Guide To Customizing Android Phone Notification Light

The presentation light on your Android phone can give many information about your phone. You can find out about an critical notification or know if a battery is low, though even touching your phone. Notification light is really a useful feature, though are we regulating it to a full potential?

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Your Android phone can use possibly green, blue or red light to tell we what’s going on inside your phone, though what if we could use opposite colors for opposite forms of notifications? Better yet, change light blinking frequency or customize presentation light for sold phone features.

If we are interested, afterwards let’s see how we can customize your Android phone’s LED presentation light to your liking.

What you’ll need

In sequence to get started, we need to make certain that we have an Android phone that actually has an LED presentation light; not all Android phones come with one. The presentation light is customarily in front of a phone tighten to a front camera.

Do keep in mind that some of a LED lights can't be customized detached from their simple working. You can also check online for your Android phone’s selection to find out possibly it supports LED light or not.

To control a presentation light, you’ll need a third-party app that is also concordant with your sold device/OS version. For this purpose Light Manager is a rarely customizable app that is totally giveaway to use and doesn’t need base access.

It works on many of a Android inclination running Android 4.3 (Jelly bean) and above. Here is a list of all a devices concordant with Light Manager, and in this post we will use this app for proof purposes.

However, there are also other identical apps that might offer opposite facilities or might be concordant with your specific device. Check a list of apps during a finish of this essay if Light Manager doesn’t work for you.

Provide LED control entrance to Light Manager

When we install a Light Manager app, we will be asked to give a app entrance to control LED light. It is essential to yield this entrance if we would like to control presentation light for third-party apps and complement functions.

Simply daub on a toggle symbol subsequent to Light Manager option and a entrance will be given.

alllowing accessalllowing access

Manage presentation light for apps

Once we are inside a Light Manager app we will see all a apps that support notifications, such as calls, messages, Gmail, Reminders, WhatsApp, etc. You can tap on any app to configure a settings and change presentation light color.

app settingsapp settings

Below are some of a settings we might find:

  • Enable: If we wish to enable LED light configuration for a specific app, afterwards this choice contingency be checked.
  • Flash Rate: This is a sum time interlude between any flash of a LED light. You can set it anywhere between 1-5 seconds.
  • Color: Light Manager comes with many pre-built colors, including white, red, green, pinkish and cyan, etc. However it’s not singular to usually these colors, we can name any tone from a spectrum. Simply click on “Custom color” and “Hex Code for Custom Color” choice will open up. Here we can possibly enter Hex formula for a tone we wish or daub and drag on a tone spectrum to manually mix a right color.
  • Test: Once a above pattern is done, we can daub on this choice to exam possibly it works or not. After tapping, we might have to press a energy symbol to spin off shade light, as a exam might not work with a shade on.
  • Specific Notifications: Each app might have further tradition options to mention LED light configurations to specific events, people or accounts. For example, your messaging app might concede we to set different presentation light environment for sold contacts.

You can use a above instructions to mention LED control settings to any app. By default, you will usually see many critical apps. You can also daub on a “Add an application” symbol to name an app from a list of all your commissioned apps and control presentation light tone of it.

Manage presentation light for System Functions

Apart from a apps, we can also get LED light presentation for many critical complement functions, such as no WiFi signals, Airplane mode standing or when mobile signals are down.

phone featuresphone features

To configure these settings, tap on a hamburger menu during a tip left corner and you’ll see 3 options; Battery, Network Connection and System Status.

  • Battery: Here you’ll be means to control LED notifications for battery status, such as low battery, charging or full.
  • Network Connection: This allows we to change LED settings for network features, such as WiFi, Cellular signals, and Cellular data.
  • System Status: This customizes opposite standing modes like silent/vibrate/ring, Airplane mode, and Bluetooth, etc.

Configuration settings of these options are same as we have told above, though some of these duty might have additional pattern options that we can customize.

Light Manager Modes

Light Manager comes with mixed modes to configure how your settings should be applied. Tap on a “Normal Mode” symbol on a top-right dilemma to see all a accessible modes.

light manager modeslight manager modes

Below is an reason of any mode:

  • Normal Mode: During this mode, a LED presentation will be showed for only a latest notification. There is a possibility we might skip an critical presentation if it gets underneath another notification.
  • Alternating mode: This will keep cycling a LED notifications for all of a stream notifications. we trust this is a improved mode if we have mixed notifications set up, we will not skip any critical one in this mode.
  • Screen Mode: This mode is for inclination though LED light or if a LED isn’t customizable. This will arrangement your critical notifications on a categorical shade of a phone with slightest compulsory resources. Of course, it will use some-more battery than before, though during slightest you’ll be means to see a notifications though touching a phone.

Other presentation light customizing apps

Below are some other apps that can assistance we customize LED presentation light of your Android phone, generally if Light Manager isn’t operative for you:

  1. Light Flow – Light Flows has all that Light Manager can offer, however it has some extra facilities that are usually accessible in a paid version. These additional facilities embody the ability to control sound, vibrations and nap timers. Its interface is also really neat and offers finish control.
  2. LED Notifications – This is a completely giveaway app, though it allows we to control LED light for singular functions like Missed calls, SMS, MMS and battery status.
  3. LED me know – LED me know is a new app and still in a BETA stage, though it seems value a try. It allows we to control presentation light for missed calls, SMS, MMS and apps. However, it offers some-more facilities than other apps, such as a ability to control presentation light for opposite Gmail labels.
  4. LED Blinker Notifications – This is another arguable app with loads of customization options, though some of a app support is usually accessible in a paid version. It offers full control over LED, including rate, repeat timer and sounds. You can also customize when to use a app and when to invalidate it.

A final look

Controlling LED presentation light is a good approach to safeguard we don’t have to open a phone each time to check for an critical notification. Light Manager is really a best app for this purpose as it is rarely customizable and totally free. However, if we don’t mind profitable few bucks, afterwards Light Flow is also a good choice that comes with additional control over sound and vibration.

Do let us know about your knowledge of customizing presentation light, and that app did we use to do so.

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