9 Android Screen Recording Apps to Record Screen Activity

With Android 5.0 Marshmallow, Google combined native shade recording capability, nonetheless there was no introduction of a shade recording app. Even now that Android 8.0 Oreo is here, there is still no pointer of a shade recording app. Not to worry though, Google Play Store is commissioned with extraordinary shade recording apps and many of them are completely free.

Whether we wish to record your Android’s shade for your YouTube channel or customarily to record some stairs to remember later, there are HD shade recording apps accessible for that. Below we have listed a best (so far) shade recording apps for Android.

DU Recorder

Probably a best shade recorder for Android devices. It’s a completely giveaway app though any reduction or ads while still charity a many modernized features. The app lets we record HD shade adult to 1080p during 60FPS though any recording limit. The resolution, bitrate, and framerate are rarely customizable as well.

DU RecorderDU Recorder

Other recording facilities include pause/resume, facecam, outmost sound recorder, daub tracking, shake to stop, built-in GIF maker, and more. Apart from shade recording it also has a rarely customizable video editor, screenshot tool, and an pattern editor.

  • Truly free.
  • Highly customizable video recording though any limitation.
  • Built-in pattern and video editor.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Could have combined a compressor to restrict HD videos on a go.

Mobizen Screen Recorder

Another arguable Android shade recorder that offers 1080p HD shade recording with adult to 60FPS. You can use a facecam underline to record video and audio of both a phone and your face. For veteran video makers, Mobizen also has options to add a tradition credentials music and create intros and endings for your videos.

Mobizen Screen RecorderMobizen Screen Recorder

It has a built-in video editor, that does a simple pursuit of trimming, stitching, rotating, and speeding adult videos. Although Mobizen adds a watermark to all of a videos, nonetheless there is a dedicated “Clean Recording Mode” that annals videos though a watermark.

  • HD videos recording though limitation.
  • Built-in video editor.
  • Pause/resume choice while recording.
  • You have to understanding with ads after each recording.

AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder has a arguable giveaway chronicle that offers all a compulsory facilities for shade recording. Similar to others, it can record 1080p HD videos during 60FPS and offers full control over resolution. It lets we record mic audio and use a facecam feature as well. You can also set a timer to finish a video automatically when we are done.

AZ Screen RecorderAZ Screen Recorder

Although a giveaway chronicle is good enough, nonetheless some special a customization facilities are customarily in a pro chronicle ($2.99). These facilities embody facecam, countdown timer, pull on screen, video trimming, and a sorcery symbol to control recording.

  • Full HD video recording.
  • Record mic audio.
  • The facilities accessible in a pro chronicle are customarily accessible for giveaway in other identical apps.

ADV Screen Recorder

This android shade recording app has dual modes, Default and Advanced. The Default mode offers simple recording and Advanced mode lets we customize a video while recording. ADV lets your pause videos, pull while recording, and even use front or rear camera while recording.

ADV Screen RecorderADV Screen Recorder

You can also add content in a videos to yield instructions. Additionally, it has collection to emanate a tradition watermark and request it to your videos for code awareness.

  • Has dedicated modes for beginner and modernized users to record videos easily.
  • Create a tradition trademark and pulp on videos.
  • Use both front or back camera for facecam feature.
  • You’ll have to understanding with ads.
  • Lacks some of a critical modifying features.

Game Screen Recorder

A completely giveaway app though any ads or in-app purchases. Game Screen Recorder has a built-in underline to brand games and automatically start recording. It gives we collection to emanate an intro of a video and supplement to a start of a video. You can also postponement and resume video while recording and adjust video quality.

Game Screen RecorderGame Screen Recorder

Unfortunately, Game Screen Recorder also shows the record symbol inside a accessible video. Although, we can invalidate it or even customize it with a tradition picture.

  • Automatically detects games.
  • You can emanate a apart intro of a video.
  • Completely free
  • Doesn’t have a video editor.
  • The record buttons shows in a videos recorded.

Super Screen Recorder

A unequivocally absolute ad-supported shade recorder for Android that is rarely customizable and offers modernized features. You can record adult to 1080p HD videos during 60FPS with facecam and mic audio recording. The app can emanate gifs, supplement credentials audio, supplement a tradition watermark to videos, pull on videos, lane taps, shake a phone to stop, and many more.

Super Screen RecorderSuper Screen Recorder

Super Screen Recorder also has a good video editor that even lets we compress videos to simply share. A screenshot holding and pattern modifying apparatus is also accessible if we wish to take screenshots while recording.

  • Compress videos to make record distance small.
  • Built-in video and pattern editor.
  • Easy to use nonetheless rarely customizable.
  • Comes with ads.

Google Play Games

Yes, Google Play Games also has a built-in recording underline and a app is already commissioned on your Android phone. You are already regulating this app for saving your gameplay in a cloud and achieving ranks to contest opposite your friends. Of course, a recording underline isn’t as imagination as a other apps in this list. Although as we already have entrance to it, it’s value considering.

Google Play GamesGoogle Play Games

The app lets we record adult to 720p fortitude videos and can customarily record your games. To record videos with Google Play Games, customarily launch your diversion and use a recording widget to start or stop your recording. You can also postponement and resume while recording.

  • The app is already commissioned on your phone.
  • It’s unequivocally easy to use.
  • Completely free.
  • Very singular in customization.
  • 720p is a tip fortitude we can get.

Screen Recorder

Another totally giveaway Android shade recording app that doesn’t have ads or in-app purchases. It indeed offers identical facilities as some of a tip apps in this list, nonetheless a simple element pattern interface competence attract you. The app lets we draw on a screen, use facecam, trim videos, take screenshots while recording, record mic sound, and pause/resume.

Screen RecorderScreen Recorder

It uses an on-screen sorcery symbol to control video recording and a symbol is not accessible in a videos. Furthermore, we can also add content or tradition trademark of your brand anywhere on a video.

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Add content or tradition trademark in videos.
  • HD video recording.
  • Completely giveaway though ads.
  • The video editor customarily lets we trim videos.
  • Video peculiarity settings are a bit limited.

HD Screen Recorder

HD Screen Recorder offers arguable shade recording facilities with the ability to tighten your videos. The app lets we add cue protection to your accessible videos and saves them in a apart folder. You can delete videos right from a app and share them as well. It also keeps adult with course and supports recording in both portrait and landscape modes.

HD Screen RecorderHD Screen Recorder

You’ll also find arguable customization options to adjust bitrate, framerate, and resolution.

  • Password strengthen videos.
  • Gives full control over video quality.
  • No built-in video editor.
  • You’ll have to understanding with ads.

To sum it up

DU Recorder is really a best shade recording app in this list. It’s totally free and offers modernized facilities that many of a other apps can’t even come close. Although Super Screen Recorder is also a good contender if we don’t mind a few nonintrusive ads. Do let us know in a comments that one of these apps we might cite for your Android shade recording.

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