8 Tech Inventions That Are Nothing But Useless

It’s one thing to know that a tomato is a fruit, and another to put it in a fruit salad. Although, a tellurian competition has achieved some of a most extraordinary feats in a margin of technology, however, there are moments when a artistic minds tend to overdo it, and before we know it, we’re munching tomatoes into a fruit salad.

Creative though Useless Japanese Inventions

Creative though Useless Japanese Inventions

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So for today, we have gathered a list of tech inventions that we consider are waggish as good as ridiculous and officious invalid in nature. Let’s take a demeanour during them:

1. NVX 200 Speaker Phone – Make your smartphone oldschool

The NVX 200 targets a flattering specific niche – businessmen. It’s fundamentally a dock that translates any mobile phone into a desktop phone. It’s good for discussion calls as it has earthy buttons for speed dials, easy muting and eliminates distracting microphone sound for improved clarity.

NVX 200 Speaker PhoneNVX 200 Speaker Phone

Now that’s a good idea… if we lived in a 1950s. we meant it’s good until we comprehend that a NVX200 is zero though a saved bluetooth orator usually your abounding uncle upstate would buy. All of a functionality can be replaced by a some-more decent bluetooth speaker, and we wouldn’t have to spend as many as a NVX costs.

2. USB Pet Rock – Because since not?

An upgrade to a strange Pet Rock, a USB ascent is now smarter. You can simply block a USB wire into a giveaway port, and let a USB Pet Rock do a magic, and distinct other pets, it doesn’t make noises, doesn’t poop on your sofa, and isn’t needy as hell.

USB Pet RockUSB Pet Rock
IMAGE: Michael Chasteen

In fact, it doesn’t do anything during all. You usually put it there among a smoke-stack of papers, introduce it as your pet and tell stories about it. You will adore this square of stone like Patrick Star ever did.

And since it doesn’t do anything, it’s compatible with any handling system, and spec of computer, and any powerbank. Sadly, like your iPhone7, it doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack, so siphon it Apple!

3. Ringzero Logbar – A Kickastarter unhappy story

The Ringzero Logbar was dubbed with a CES Innovation endowment behind in 2015. What does it do? Well, it’s especially an submit device used to control presentations and elementary commands regulating gestures in a air. It can be used on roughly all inclination and boasts a crowd of actions that can be manipulated using gestures in a air.

Ringzero LogbarRingzero Logbar

I meant it’s good for presenting, though aside from that? It’s indeed a uncanny device. Imagine entrance opposite a chairman who’s relocating his fingers in a atmosphere sketch uncanny squiggly symbols. You’d immediately freak as if he is some kind of wizard.

Plus it has some critical issues…

4. Air-Conditioned Shoes – My favorite

These Air-conditioned shoes guarantee a refreshing comfort during a summer. They are lightweight and popular, selling 6.7 million pairs between 2003 to 2016. (Wow!) It has facilities like moisture-permeable outsoles, filigree insoles laced with EVA, deodorizing and antimicrobial elements. It also has a startle fullness complement all within this grand healthy leather look.

Air-conditioned shoesAir-conditioned shoes

Sounds dope, though think of how absurd this is. You are wearing a shoe… with an atmosphere condition section in it. we mean, demeanour during this guy’s face. It seems like he’s enjoying it, right? Right?

If we don’t blow anyone divided with each step we take, afterwards we don’t know what’s wrong with you.

PS: It also comes in opposite designs, and a sandal indication too, if you’re into those.

5. Smart H2O fountain for your cat – who will many expected usually omit it

Pura is a smart H2O fountain for your pet cat. It’s beautifully crafted and ergonomically designed to fit your cat’s daily hydration needs. You can keep tabs on how many your cat is drinking, and make certain that your small furball gets what he deserves.

Smart H2O fountain for your catSmart H2O fountain for your cat

It’s a totally good idea, except cats are unpredictable. You’d substantially bewail shopping one after we see your cat regulating for a box instead of this expensive square of hardware.

6. Smart booze bottle

Kuvee is a intelligent booze bottle that makes certain your booze doesn’t get bad due to oxygen. What it does is it seals a bottle so we can get uninformed booze when we need it. It’s also intelligent in a clarity that it lets we know what booze you’re tasting, and we can even sequence regulating a bottle.

Smart booze bottleSmart booze bottle

It almost didn’t make this list though we suspicion prolonged and tough and satisfied that it’s something that I’ll indeed wish to have while operative that knows how to tighten itself off and keep a calm fresh, right? But afterwards it dawned on me that, well, I have hands and a bottle has a label.

7. Belty, a intelligent belt

Another intent we use on a daily basement that received a ‘smart’ upgrade, this smart belt claims to be a usually discerning and unconstrained wearable that uses AI in making we healthier. The website says this product can boost appetite levels, urge wellness and safeguard we don’t get a sheet from a conform police.


It also helps we be improved when doing elementary tasks like walking, climbing stairs, and simply sitting idly. It can even “talk” to we as it sends you, (possibly NSFW) vibrations that will help we act formally in certain circumstances.

This smells gimmick from a get go. A belt that sends vibrations to your waist to remind we to splash water? Personally, that sounds like a surplus wearable to me. If we have a smartwatch, we can get some-more functionality, with reduction gimmicks.

8. Anti-radiation underwear – for when a fallout happens

If we are one of those ultra-paranoid people and would wish to strengthen your spermatazoa or egg cells while stealing all a upsetting fragrance in your underwear, afterwards this smart underwear is for you.

Anti-radiation underwearAnti-radiation underwear

It’s an all-in-one mantle resolution made from pristine silver-coated polyester threads (great for gripping a werewolves and vampires during bay) that claims to block deviation of cellphones, WiFi Signals, microwaves and more. It also cools your hooha while gripping it purify from germ and odor.


There is a lot of good record out there, and these are a examples of tech that demeanour good during initial glance, and when we consider about it some-more and more, it becomes a weird, ridiculous invention.

It usually proves that we usually don’t buy all we see on kickstarter, or wish for something that seems to be useful during initial look. Technology should be useful until a replacements arrive, and carrying a large paperweight might good be a rubbish of investment.

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