8 Plugins to Turn Your WordPress Site to a Mobile App

For each vital announcement or business we see online, we competence find a mobile chronicle of a site. Be it a manageable mobile form of a desktop chronicle or a local app, having mobile presence is an critical aspect for many establishments seeking to have an online presence.

In fact, a after-effects of mobilegeddon warrants a genuine demeanour during creation certain your site describe easily for perspective on mobile devices.

How To Tackle The After-Effects of Mobilegeddon


How To Tackle The After-Effects of Mobilegeddon

Have your site managed to tarry a new Mobilegeddon? If we haven’t even listened about it, don’t panic…Read more

In other words, we site should be as mobile-friendly as possible. But what if we don’t have a means or ability to furnish a mobile chronicle of your site? Don’t worry, usually use one of these plugins to give your site a mobile-friendly chronicle for web, Android and iOS devices.

  1. Worona

    Worona translates WordPress site calm into local Android and iOS mobile apps. The app builder is built in modular conform and allows adding premium extensions for some-more features such as pull notifications, rate my app, etc. Worona’s group is operative to offer trendy themes and styles to customize your app and to support tradition calm and support-pages right in a apps.

  2. WordApp

    WordApp transforms your e-Commerce, forums or even dating website into a mobile app to assistance boost mobile traffic. It offers a series of customization options including a choice to cgange a thesis character of your mobile app. Some of a reward facilities embody push notifications, a local iOS app, and most more. The reward apps can also embody Adsense advertisements.

  3. WordPress Mobile Pack

    Web apps built regulating this plugin offers an roughly native demeanour feel. You can also customize your mobile focus with tradition fonts and colors, and even add your possess logo for tradition branding. Its pro chronicle allows formulating Android iOS apps, and brings some-more themes, monetization options, amicable facilities and more.

    WordPress Mobile Pack
  4. Androapp

    Androapp is a stretchable plugin to beget a mobile app for Android that loads faster and smoother compared to others. Among a facilities are infinte scrolling, energetic settings, low joining support, caching and if you’re looking or a white tag option, you’ve found it. You can also monetize your mobile app with Admob and Appnext ads.

  5. Blappsta

    Blappsta turns your WordPress blog into a local Android or iOS app. A cold duty it has is that it lets we test and preview a experiments regulating a ‘Blappsta Preview‘ apps. The ensuing app can display renouned articles, has support for video, displays your Facebook page (optional), has Contact form 7 support and more.


  6. appful

    appful is one for calm creators and online publishers as it rehashes your online site calm or YouTube channel into beautiful iOS and Android apps. You will usually be charged once we are satisfied with a final demeanour of a app and it has been published. It has support for comments, amicable media sharing, offline reading, trademark placement, and anti-adblockers.

  7. MobiLoud

    MobiLoud helps we modify a desktop site into a native mobile app for iOS and Android devices. It supports mobile promotion and monetization efforts around MoPub, Google DFP, Admob, Adsense etc. Commenting and social pity is done easy on tip of RTL support and multi-lingual interfaces (20+ languages). Once installed, a plugin provides a giveaway preview of a app and a hearing lasts 21 days before switching to a reward plan.

  8. Wiziapp

    WiziApp lets we use your blog’s manageable thesis or any of their mobile themes to beget an Android/iOS app for your site. Users can download an offline version of a website. Along with pull notifications Wiziapps also can convert your site or blog to into an HTML5 web app. It displays AdMob ads to maximize monetization and boost revenues.


    Which is your favourite WordPress plugin to build mobile apps for your blog? Do we know any other such plugin? Don’t forget to tell us regulating a comments.

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