7 YouTube Channels to Learn Robotic Engineering and Programming

YouTube channels are apropos one of a many sought-after sources of self-learning by a Internet. Only a few years back, a website was deliberate as merely an online middle for entertainment. However today, this model has severely shifted to YouTube’s definite purpose as an online training platform.

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For instance, 19-year-old Ellis Ware is a Robot Wars competitor who schooled all of his engineering skills on YouTube. Instead of attend any college or university, he merely watched drudge programming and engineering videos, and indeed managed to build Pulsar, a drudge that became an present sensation.

ellis wareellis ware

IMAGE: Ellis Ware

Robot Programming

Now, a problem of training programming differs from chairman to person, however, here are some of a many effective YouTube channels that can assistance we get started in robots programming regulating Python.

Note: The following list of YouTube channels are useful for those who already have believe in programming, generally Python. Otherwise, we would suggest we to initial check out some YouTube channels for training programming, in ubiquitous and Python, in particular.


Robotics with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is fundamentally a tiny computer (smaller than your phone) that can be hooked adult to opposite components and be programmed to do a array of smashing things. Through this channel we can learn to build and module your really possess drudge regulating Raspberry Pi with a assistance of extensive instructions.

Raspberry Pi Robotics Series

This YouTube channel delves deeper into programming using Python privately for robotics. The channel is geared towards those who have no before believe of programming whatsoever. It revolves around a basic theories and proof behind programming and how we can use it to build a robot.

The channel also discusses how programming can be connected to tangible electronic components. By a finish of a series, we competence be means to create your possess involuntary grass watering system, password-enabled door, and of march a really elementary robot.

Robotic Engineering

Once we feel yourself savvy adequate in robotic programming, and wish to learn the earthy side of robotics i.e. traffic with electronics and engineering of a operative robot, check out a following channels and playlists:

youtube channel for newbiesyoutube channel for newbies

Electronics Engineering Video Blog

EEVblog is built for beginners, professionals, and hobbyists in robotic engineering. Dave Jones, a owners and horde of a blog wants people to know a beauty of tinkering with electronics and… infrequently floating things up.

Even if we wish to casually learn about wiring engineering, EEVblog is a best channel to allow to. It will deliver we to opposite kinds of wiring and what they are used for, testing and debunking myths, hacking electronic products etc.

But if we are new to wiring and engineering , Fundamentals Friday playlist is a thing to demeanour for. Here we can learn about electronics and engineering in a pile-up course kind of way. You can also learn about capacitors, circuit design, voltage , and all that stuff.

Introduction to Robotics and Electronics

Here is another playlist that aims to deliver people to robotics and electronics. we indeed schooled most of Python from this YouTube channel. The instructor, Bucky Roberts, gives a good introduction on how robotics and wiring work palm in hand, and how we can get started.

The core topics of a march are about contrast voltages, building a circuit, resistors, batteries, and other technical terms that we will need in building a robot.


If we already know a fundamentals of electronics and wish to just burst right into building a robot, afterwards Botyard’s 5-part video series is ideal for you. Unlike a prior channels, this is array of advanced demonstrations on how a elementary R2-D2 like drudge is built.


IMAGE: Botyard

The engaging thing about this video array is that it shows we how to create a drudge from a recycled flashlight, mixed LED, Arduino Nano, Arduino Uno, servos , and other easy-to-find items.

SparkFun Electronics

Here is another fun channel to learn how to operative robots and module them to do tangible work. In box we haven’t familiarized yourself with Raspberry Pi only yet, it’s time to dirt off a integument with their Getting Started with Raspberry Pi playlist where we will learn how to use Raspberry Pi to build a tweeting continue station.

Next stop would be to learn how to work with embedded electronics (this is now a critical partial since we will be dealing with play and circuitry). You will also learn how to solder transistors and other components.

And finally, Intro to Robotics. This playlist is some-more like a series of documentaries about Robotics to give we a full bargain of what we are perplexing to build.

Introduction to Robotics by Stanford

Now, here’s a some-more traditional and fanciful proceed to training robotics, true from Stanford. It is fundamentally a series of lectures on Robotics by Stanford university professor and is quite useful if we wish to build some-more modernized robots.

The array discusses modernized concepts like trajectory generation, suit planning, dynamics, different and brazen kinematics, spatial descriptions, force and position control, and many more. Unlike any other YouTube channel, a theoretical concepts explained in this series can be intensely crucial in building advance-level robots.

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A Roundup

This essay substantially cought your eye since we really wish to build your possess robot, and have no thought where to start. But, now we know during slightest where to demeanour for all a useful information about programming, engineering and electronics concerned in robotics.

I wish that this essay will guide we to a right instruction and motivate we to essay tough for your ambitions in robotics.

Go for it!

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