60 Websites to Download Creative Commons Music for Free

One of a best things about internet is that we can find a lot of free artistic resources on it. Like all other useful stuff, there is a ton of strain on an array of websites that we can download and use for free.

This post is meant to give we a endless list of websites by that we can access and download Creative Commons strain for free. Let’s puncture right into it.

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Jamendo’s whole list of marks are CC-licensed, so we can download and share a strain marks legally. On this site, anyone can register and upload music with one’s elite permit and offer a songs for giveaway or a paid license.



CCTrax facilities many of a uploaded marks underneath a royalty-free section and offers them for free. The many considerable underline is that we can download an particular lane or a full manuscript without logging in to this site.


Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is a library of legal audio downloads destined by WFMU. Its strain marks are curated and uploaded with CC license, origination them permitted giveaway of cost.

Free Music ArchiveFree Music Archive

Audio Archive

A illusory site with a different collection, Audio Archive has new and aged royalty-free strain uploaded by a community. The songs are permitted in multiple formats like MP3, OGG, M3U etc. as high-quality audio tracks.

Audio ArchiveAudio Archive


hearthis.at offers a preference of royalty-free music, that can be listened online or downloaded directly in permitted formats without formulating an account.


Freeplay Music

Freeplay Music offers over 50 thousand audio tracks to emanate videos for YouTube. The marks are giveaway and permitted underneath YouTube Personal Use License.

Freeplay MusicFreeplay Music


On Incompetech, we will find an constant list of royalty-free strain in mixed genres. These marks are downloadable in high-quality MP3 format.



A non-profit, giveaway apparatus for music, Musopen.org offers audio marks in numerous genres for sundry uses. The site also allows a users to upload strain in open domain, so giveaway from copyright restrictions.



ccMixter is a place to find giveaway strain and remixes combined by over 45 thousand musicians, that we can download and use in your blurb projects.



TeknoAXE includes 1300+ audio marks and adds new music to a site any week, impressively. Here, we can download peculiarity strain marks of all genres.


TrackTour Production Music

TrackTour Production Music offers high-quality, royalty-free music, that can be downloaded total times for free. The strain marks are permitted in a high-quality MP3 format, and we can also preview before downloading them.

TrackTour Production MusicTrackTour Production Music


AudionautiX lets we hunt strain by genres and mood. Here, we will find audio marks in numerous genres to download for giveaway underneath open domain.



SampleSwap offers CC-licensed strange soundtracks combined by several strain creators. However, it is not simplified if all of a marks are royalty-free or not.



opsound inspires musicians to upload their work with CC-license, permitting users like we to download, share, and remix them for free. There is no hunt choice on a site, unfortunately, so we need to crop a strain by name or artist.



Mobygratis offers an endless database of royalty-free strain tracks, that are constructed by independent artists and non-profit filmmakers. The site has over 150 strange records, that forms a good strain apparatus for any project.



Bensound includes a vast collection of strain that can be used in roughly any project. You can listen to a marks online or download them directly though registration.



Beatgain consists of 100+ royalty-free soundtracks, that are really veteran concerning quality. You can download a marks and sound effects during 0 cost.


Silverman Sound

Silverman Sound hosts some exclusive CC-licensed soundtracks, that we will find nowhere else. The audio marks are permitted to download in MP3 format.

Silverman SoundSilverman Sound


Bandcamp offers royalty-free strain for authorised use, that is permitted for everyone. The songs can be streamed for giveaway or downloaded in high-quality MP3 or FLAC format.


Canton Becker

Canton Becker includes professional-quality royalty-free soundtracks, that are downloadable in high-quality formats. You can listen to this strain and remixes or use them as background loops for formulating video games and films.

Canton BeckerCanton Becker

Scott Buckley

This is a production strain library for filmmakers and media artists, that offers all a strain underneath Creative Commons. On Scott Buckley, we can hunt for a strain or filter a formula by genre, mood, album, and instrumentation.

Scott BuckleyScott Buckley

UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive

UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive binds cylinder recordings that are downloadable in high-quality MP3 format. Its database includes classical songs, comedic monologues, racial and unfamiliar recordings, that we can hunt as well.

UCSB Cylinder Audio ArchiveUCSB Cylinder Audio Archive

The Mutopia Project

The Mutopia Project offers 2100+ pieces of royalty-free music, that can be openly downloaded, copied, and distributed. The strain here is permitted in a accumulation of styles and is orderly into multiple categories and collections.

The Mutopia ProjectThe Mutopia Project


audeeyah allows we to download strain without including any watermark or such. You will find some disdainful marks on this site, that have a veteran peculiarity and give we glorious listening experience.


Tribe of Noise

Tribe of Noise contains a modern strain collection orderly by a community of veteran artists. You can download a marks for giveaway after signing up.

Tribe of NoiseTribe of Noise


Netlabels contain of a fine repository of strain collection, that can be openly streamed or downloaded to embody in your productions. You can even filter a strain by year or media form to streamline your strain search.


Free Stock Music

Free Stock Music is one of a best prolongation strain sites that offers giveaway batch strain for all kinds of productions. The site adds a giveaway soundtrack to their strain library on a daily schedule, that means we will always find new music here.

Free Stock MusicFree Stock Music

La Musice

La Musice offers 50 soundtracks, that can be used in mixed projects like film production, podcasts, video games, etc. These marks are openly permitted in a excellent audio quality, prepared to get downloaded, shared, and published.

La MusiceLa Musice


SoundCloud is a renouned strain height that lets we tide music. Moreover, it also hosts several albums and collections carrying CC-licensed music. These audio marks can be streamed and used in your strain production. Also be certain to check out a royaly giveaway strain section.



  • YouTube Audio Library – This is one of a easiest approach for we to download credentials strain for your videos given a fact that there are now around 150 marks permitted for evident use in YouTube audio libraries. YouTube users can use a royalty-free instrumental audio marks both in and outward of YouTube.
  • CASH Music – CASH Music is a non-profit classification that hosts digital collection for musicians and labels to share their music. The digital apparatus allows for uploads and downloads of songs and pity is done easy.
  • SonicsSquirrel – A good source where over 15,000 marks are being downloaded daily. SonicsSquirrel is a height for netlabel strain placement with a aim to foster giveaway music and origination a work of a artists permitted to a open easily.
  • SoundShiva – Another site to for netlabel music, sortable by genre. Just read a artistic common permit and download away. SoundShiva relies on village concession to keep going in lapse for compelling uninformed tunes by new artists on one simply permitted platform.
  • Epitonic – A vast online library to download totally giveaway music, that we can use for any personal or educational projects. Epitonic got close down formerly due to financial constraints though is now behind online due to assistance from many contributors. The site filters subterraneous music.
  • Community Audio – This repository that was famous as Open Source Audio has been renamed to Community Audio. It contains many audio files that are protected underneath a Creative Commons. The whole site is famous as The Internet Archive, a non-profit internet library for everybody to entrance chronological collections in digital format. In a village audio territory we can download all kinds of audio files, trimming from a blues, country, electronic, experimental, hip-hop, indie, jazz, stone and oral word.
  • Freesound – Freesound is a collaborative database for Creative Commons Licensed sounds. This database here is filled with sound-effect such as ambient noises, synthesized sounds and sounds constructed by low-pitched instruments. Browse, download and share sounds on Freesound; we can also upload your possess audio clips to their database after induction for an comment on a website.
  • BeatPick – On BeatPick, we have a music actor kind of interface where we can listen to any strain on a list. To download any strain from a website, you’ll have to register for an acount. Most of a clips are instrumental, with really small outspoken input. The clips also come with descriptions of what it sounds like, that can be useful to compare to whatever a thesis your shave is.
  • iBeat – If you’re looking for some free beats and loops, iBeat has a far-reaching database of clips that are giveaway underneath Creative Commons licensing. The beats permitted come in a variety of genres such as stone beats, hip bound beats and even acoustic or electronic beats. No registration required.
  • Midnight Cassette System – The Midnight Cassette System is a collection of music done regulating a unstable strain device MadPlayer. The recordings can be downloaded for giveaway given a author Frank Edward Nora motionless to recover all a recordings underneath a Creative Common license: CC0 1.0 Universal. There are so distant 55 hours’ value of open domain music permitted for non-commercial and blurb use.
  • Derek R. Audette – Get music privately done to be used as credentials music for films and video productions, achieved and accessible by Derek R. Audette here. It is not required to obtain his accede so prolonged we give him correct credit (please do).
  • Jimmyg – Jimmy Gelhaar is a inclusive strain author who has stoical a accumulation of strain styles via his career. He is a tyro of a piano, guitar and percussion instruments. All a strain on his site is stoical by him, and we can download and ask his strain for your plan for free though usually for personal use.
  • Incompetech – Incompetech hosts a wide accumulation of kingship giveaway music. You can crop their preference by genre or feel. “Feel” would embody things like: Action, Relaxed, Intense or Humorous; we can name a multiple of ‘Feels’ and it will check a database for preference matches. Clips can be played on a website and instantly downloaded as well.
  • Restorm – This is a website mostly used by indie artists who wish a height to sell their strain to a open and have their works licensed underneath their name. You too can do a same, or download some of their giveaway preference of strain only by formulating an account. The full songs permitted on a website can be streamed to assistance we confirm if we wish to download it. Some of a artists also have songs in their local language not only English.
  • Josh Woodward – This work of a singular person, this site facilities more than 180 songs that are giveaway for download, pity and use. Do give this inexhaustible male detrimental if we use his clips in your productions.
  • Audionautix – Clips found on Audionautix are expelled underneath Creative Commons permit 3.0 – we can use a audio clips permitted even for blurb functions so prolonged as we credit a Audionautix website. Clips are named to what a artist feels it should resemble; we can preview a shave by clicking it and if we like it, right click a shave and select ‘save target/link as’ to save it to your desktop.
  • Purple Planet – Purple universe is a origination of dual people, Chris Martyn and Geoff Harvey, who let we use their strain for free. You can use any of their audio clips on online videos so prolonged as we couple to their website during a outline of a video. Their character of strain falls underneath effects that accompany a horror, thespian or puzzling scene.
  • Newsgrounds – This vast peep games and animation site has been around given 1999. In 2003, they combine with musicians all over a universe heading Audio Portal to expansion massive. You can get almost all kinds of audio genre on their site and they are mostly underneath common artistic license.
  • Phlow-Magazine – It is a magazine-themed site that collects a excellent songs all over a web from netlabels and musicians that recover strain underneath artistic commons license. They yield a far-reaching operation of genres such as techno, hip-hop, house, pop, rock and a lot more. Their latest plan is about #366DaysOfMusic where they recover a giveaway MP3 strain download any day, for 366 days.
  • Shrecords – Shrecords is a elementary platform to get distributed music that is uploaded underneath artistic commons license. All a audio files supposing on a site can be used for non-commercial usage. Commercial use requires a remuneration of a license.
  • Bensound – Bensound is a composer and musician vital in France. He has been essay strain for a small over 10 years and have had his strain featured in many projects before. His collection of royalty-free music can be downloaded from his site with a ask of a credit if it is used for any project.
  • Machinimasound – The 2 people behind Machinima sound are Per Killstofte and Jens Killstofte. They also furnish a strain on a site. Their purpose is to provide media creators with peculiarity music, and pull Machinimasound to be during a forefront of this industry. You can download and use their giveaway strain for both personal and blurb use as prolonged as we yield credit.
  • DL Sounds – DL Sounds is a site that caters to those who are looking for fresh tunes, loops or samples to be used in projects. This site has been around given 2009, where even now they are still providing high-quality strain and royalty-free strain to their customers.
  • PacDV – This is a database of giveaway audio clips organized by mood or tension such as: Warm, Loving, Serious or Lonely.
  • CCTrax – CCTrax is a office of giveaway music. It has a database of Creative Commons permit strain for strain lovers. Plenty of awesome sound lane albums are permitted for giveaway download here, like Alexander Saykov, Baumfreun, Stiver and more.
  • DanoSongs – This is also a one-man consternation site. You get to use his wide accumulation of self-made clips, organised by genre such as soundtrack, pop/rock rope and even techno/electric.
  • Public Domain 4U – This website has a far-reaching preference of genres of giveaway strain we can download. The genre leads to another website that houses a album and outline of a album. You can download your marks there though registration.
  • JewelBeat – On JewelBeat, we search by giveaway credentials music and sound effects with keywords. These giveaway credentials strain clips can be used for whatever video prolongation we are making. The audio clips here are mostly instrumental and include of brief loops. Besides a giveaway selection, there is also a $0.99 preference that we can select from.
  • Orphan Songs – This website is combined by Carl-Otto Johansson who is a musician who writes and annals his possess music. He has uploaded his dual albums and a few marks protected underneath Creative Commons for open use.
  • Audiofarm – Audiofarm has a far-reaching preference of genres to select from, uploaded by typical people who wish to share their music. You can simply download any strain we like by clicking a download couple – no registration needed. The full strain can even be played while browsing for one that fits your needs. By registering, we can upload strain for other people to download.
  • Sonnyboo – To use songs from this website, we have to credit a owners and author of a songs, Peter John Ross. The strain preference he has ranges from Jazz to Techno.

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